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Microsoft Corporation is a worldwide technology company with its main office in Redmond, Washington. The Windows family of operating systems, the Microsoft Office package, and the Internet Explorer and Edge web browsers are among Microsoft’s most well-known software offerings.

Designing Questions

  1. Design an in-memory database system
  2. Design an IP-blocking system
  3. Design a voting system where people can cast their votes, and the final votes of each candidate are tallied
  4. Design a plan to find 100 top-selling products in a specific category within a given time window
  5. Design an online bookstore that allows users to view prices and make purchases.

Personal Questions

  1. What is the importance of Mental health? What do you do to maintain sound mental health?
  2. Tell us about a time when you had an opposite thought with your supervisor.
  3. When did you change the course of a project and approach it from a new angle?
  4. How do you maintain healthy relationships at work?
  5. What was the difficult situation you faced regarding the progress of a project, and how did you handle it?
  6. What would be your stand if your supervisor asked you to do something against the ethical code of conduct?
  7. How often do you prefer to take vacation breaks? Do they help?
  8. What is your take on maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

Coding-based questions

  1. Given: Unsorted array with positive integers, but one element in the collection is missing. Write a code to find the missing element.
  2. Given: positive integer with n digits and a target number. Write a code to find all combinations of digits in the integer that add up to the target number.
  3. Given: text and a pattern. Write a code to find if the given pattern matches the text by using pattern matching.
  4. Given: Root node of a directed graph. Write a code to clone the graph where the cloned graph has the same edges and vertices as the original graph.
  5. Given: two-dimensional array with a set of elements.
  6. Given: Binary Tree. Write a program to print the vertical traversal from the leftmost to the rightmost levels.
  7. Given a string “S,” write a function to calculate the most extended substring length with unique and distinct characters.
  8. Given: Linked list. Write a code to find the missing element in the given linked list.
  9. Given: Grid MxN with “x” number of people. Write a code to find the shortest distance that all the people must cover to meet at a given point in the grid.
  10. Given: Sorted two Linked Lists. Write a code to merge the two Linked Lists.
  11. Given: Two-dimensional array with unique integers. Write a code to make the entire row or column zero if any given element in the array is zero.
  12. Given: Two linked lists. Each linked list has an integer value. Write a code to add the two linked lists and return the sum value.
  13. Given: Root of a binary tree. Write a code to show the node values at every level.
  14. Given: Binary search tree with two swapped nodes. Write a code to correct the given binary search tree.
  15. Given: Rotated and sorted array. Write a code to find a particular element in the given array.
  16. Given: String as a sentence. Write a code to display the characters in the string in reverse order.
  17. Given: String. Write a code to find non-letter substrings, which are palindromes.
  18. Given: List stock prices with each stock’s buy and sell value. Write a code to determine at what level of purchase and sale maximum profit can be derived.

Practical questions

  1. Write a code to find the middle element in a Linked List.
  2. Write a code to validate a given IP address.
  3. Write a code to clone a linked list with the next arbitrary pointer.
  4. Write a code to find the least common ancestor of a binary search tree.
  5. Write a code to see if the sum of any two integers in the array equals a given value.
  6. Write a code for checking whether a binary tree is valid.
  7. Write a code to check whether a given string’s permutation is a palindrome.
  8. Write a code to check whether a given binary tree is balanced.
  9. Design a system to know how many people are on each building floor. Suppose there are three floors.
  10. Design a system to upload images with tags. Also, users could visit and search for images by entering the tags.
  11. Design a notification service through which we can send notifications to multiple users.
  12. Design a comprehensive workflow system that responds to pause/continue functions.
  13. Design a scheduler service that can manage massive schedules with no lag and minimal latency.

HR Related Interview Questions

  1. Tell us about the most challenging project you worked on in the past. What lessons did it teach you?
  2. When did you ask for help from an uncooperative coworker? How it help you in the progress of the project?
  3. What was the when you apprise the entire team about crucial learnings from a project?
  4. What was the time when you had to make vital decisions with little information?
  5. Have you missed a project deadline, and what was the reason for it?
  6. What is the most exciting thing about being a programmer?
  7. Why do you want to work with Microsoft? What is your favorite thing about the company?


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