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Welcome to the Microsoft Quiz, where you can test your knowledge about one of the most influential technology companies in the world. Founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft has revolutionized the computing industry and transformed the way we work and communicate. From its early days developing software for personal computers to its current role as a leading provider of cloud computing services, Microsoft has constantly adapted to meet the needs of its customers and shape the future of technology. This quiz will challenge your understanding of Microsoft’s history, products, and impact on the world. So, whether you’re a long-time Microsoft user or just curious about the company’s legacy, let’s dive in and test your Microsoft knowledge!


Microsoft Quiz

Test your knowledge of one of the world’s most influential technology companies with the Microsoft Quiz.

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Choose the antonym for BOOST.

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Choose the word opposite of the word bold. It was really a gracious occasion for me.

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Select the alternative giving the closest meaning of ‘to eat a humble pie.’

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Choose the word opposite of the word bold. His appointment was confirmed last month.

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Complete the sentence. The serious _________ with her is that she does not know typing.

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Choose the synonym for OBLIGATORY.

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Fill in the blank with a suitable preposition. If you want to avoid traffic, you need to leave _____ at 7:30 am.

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Fill in the blanks from among the choices in the sentence. A ‘ Couch potato’ is a person who

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Complete the sentence. The medicine gave him a short _______ from the suffering.

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Choose the synonym for DEBILIATE.

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In a certain language, if SUNSHINE is coded as TVOTIJOF, then how will MOON be coded?

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Which number will come next? 7,10,8,11,9,12,?

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A is the only daughter of B; A is the sister of C; B is the son of D. Who is the husband of E. How is C related to E?

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Ted drives a car 10 miles North of his office. He turns 270° clockwise and drives for 20 miles. Now he turns 270° anticlockwise and drives a car for 37 miles. Finally, he reaches his house after driving for 20 miles to his right. How far is Ted’s house from his office, and in which direction?

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What will be the code for ‘they can see’?

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Ashwini is Kiran’s sister. Komal is Kiran’s mother. Dipen is Komal’s father. Esha is dipen’s mother. Then, how is Ashwini related to Dipen?

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U + V means U is the brother of V, W-X means W is the father of S, X%Y means X is the sister of Y, Y X Z means Z is the mother of Y. Which of the following means That N is the mother of O?

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A train has a speed of 45km/ph without stoppages and a speed of 30km/ph with stoppages. How many minutes per hour does the train stop?

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Meena takes a 90° angle from the east and then takes a 180° angle. What will be the new location of Meena?

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In a family, there are 3 males and 3 females. If 2 persons are married, then the relationship between the remaining two will be

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In a group of 52 persons, 16 drink tea but four drink coffee, while 33 drink tea. How many people drink coffee but not tea?

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In a group of 1000 people, 750 can speak English, and 400 can speak Hindi. How many people can talk in Hindi only?

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If the roots of the equation x³-12x²+39x-28=0 in AP. These roots are

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i³⁴² =?

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If A is a square matrix of order 3, then |adj A| =?

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What is the probability that an ordinary year has 53 Sundays?

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The equation of the plane containing the points A(0,4,3) B (-1,-5,-3) C(-2,-2,1) and D(1,1,-1) is

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A batsman scores 87 runs in the 17th inning and thus increases his average by 3. His average after the 17th inning is

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A train 160m long is running at a speed of 48kmph. In how many seconds will it pass a telegraph post?

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One liter of water is evaporated from 6 liters of a solution containing 4% of sugar. The percentage of sugar in the remaining solution is


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