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An international provider of outsourcing and information technology, Mindtree Ltd. is based in Bengaluru, India. It belongs to Larsen & Toubro as a company. The business, established in 1999, employs about 23,814 people and earns a yearly income of 7839.9 rupees. The firm focuses on many domains, such as e-commerce, mobile applications, digital transformation, cloud computing, data analytics, testing, enterprise application integration, and ERP. As of March 31, 2019, it had 307+ active clients and 43 offices across more than 18 nations. The company’s four business segments are Retail CPG and Manufacturing (RCM), BFSI, Technology Media and Services (TMS), and Travel and Hospitality (TH). Mindtree combines powerful skills with a forward-thinking mindset to address customer issues.

Basic questions

  1. Define OOPS.
  2. Does java consist of inheritance?
  3. Define overloading, heritage, and encapsulation.
  4. Give some live examples of encapsulation and abstraction.
  5. Define Coupling and cohesion with examples.
  6. Define Association, aggregation, and composition with standards.
  7. Differentiate between interface and abstract class.
  8. Does java allow multiple courses to inherit?
  9. What do you mean by style and object?
  10. Define stack and binary tree.

Theoretical Questions

  1. State primary key, super essential, and foreign key.
  2. State different SQL commands.
  3. State multithreading in java.
  4. State different types of inheritance.
  5. Explain DDL, DML, and DQL.
  6. What is the use of the DELETE command in SQL?
  7. What do you mean by joins?
  8. State the use of the TRUNCATE command in SQL.
  9. Differentiate between merge sort and heap sort.
  10. What do you know about the OSI model?

Scenario Questions

  1. Fifteen coins are on your person. When you walk into a store, the clerk tells you that each sweet is one rupee. He also tells you you will get chocolate in return for three papers. How many candies can you consume all at once?
  2. What Would You Do If a Customer Was Furious?
  3. What Decision-Making Process Do You typically use?
  4. How Do You Go About Giving Subordinates Tasks?
  5. What Would You Do If No One Else Spotted Your Error?

Practical questions

  1. WAP to swap two numbers without using three numbers.
  2. WAP to find a leap year.
  3. WAP to sort an array in ascending order.
  4. WAP to print fibonacci series.
  5. WAP to implement switch case.
  6. WAP to see a calculation of a quarter interest of the amount.
  7. WAP to implement OOPs concept.
  8. WAP to print the expected outcome given by the user
  9. WAP to implement overloading.
  10. WAP to implement init function.
  11. WAP to calculate the LCM of three numbers.
  12. WAP to implement of malloc function.
  13. WAP to draw a pyramid pattern.
  14. WAP to implement heap sort and merge sort.
  15. WAP to find the highest salary of an employee in nth data.

HR Interview Questions

  1. Explain your final year project.
  2. What was the role in which you were working?
  3. On which technologies were you working the last time?
  4. What was the project feature you experienced?
  5. What are the different talents you have?
  6. Rather than projects, do you have any other specialties?
  7. Brief about yourself.
  8. What are your favorite activities you do in your free time?
  9. What excites you about coding?
  10. Why do you want to join Mindtree?



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