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In an organization, all the employees use a lot of apps using their phones on daily basis. It gets important for an organization to manage them in such a way that it secures the data of the organization as well as easy to implement. Mobile Application Management (MAM) manages the entire life-cycle of all the apps that is being used in an organization. MAM allows us to manage and protect the company’s data within an application. It includes installing, updating and deleting the app on both corporate and BYOD devices (personally owned devices). It also helps in managing the app licenses, configurations and permissions.

With the help of MAM, we can also define app policies that includes restrictions on the apps and data stored on the apps. It is a set of software solutions that enabled admins to securely deploy, manage and distribute business apps to authorized users such as employees and business clients.

With MAM, we can manage apps without having to manage the entire device.

Why is Mobile Application Management important?

As organisations are shifting towards a mobile-workforce environment, apps have a great level of usage in an organisation. Managing so many mobiles and mobile apps within would be a cumbersome task for an IT Admin. MAM helps IT admins to manage mobiles apps; already installed or the newer ones which need to be installed, over-the-air.

Key Features of MAM Solutions

Silent app update / installation / deletion

It is one of the important features of MAM that ensures the corporate apps get installed without any user intervention and least admin actions

Pre-configurations and permissions

There are certain apps which require multiple settings to be configured before usage and it is a very unmanageable task for an admin to constantly repeat it. We can pre-configure the basic settings on the app ensuring that the app is ready for the user without any user or admin intervention

Selection of apps according to the department

There are different departments in an organisation and not all employees need all the applications. They need it according to the specific department. In such cases, self-service portal helps employees to choose and install the apps that they require

App Blocklisting

The enterprises dealing with corporate devices do not want any malicious apps or unapproved apps to be installed on the devices. As this can lead to access to confidential data and loss of productivity. With App Blocklisting we can pre-define a list of apps which are managed and taken care

Benefits of Mobile Application Management

  • Possession of device is not needed; everything is completely remote.
  • It’s a one-time setup.
  • Zero user actions and minimal admin intervention.


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