Mobile Content Management (MCM)


We generally need solutions with which Employees stay productive, secure with access to business content anytime. With Mobile Content Management software, IT can secure confidential data, business information without slowing down business productivity and totally supporting today’s modern workstyle.

Mobile Content Management is also known as Mobile Information Management is a set of technologies that provide secure access to corporate resources, critical business content seamlessly across any network on any device such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and other endpoint devices without interrupting their workflow and without hampering business productivity. The important service of MCM is file storage and file sharing.

MCM solutions seek to provide the ideal balance between business content-related security and employees productivity by applying various configurations and restrictions to ensure corporate data is not accessed by unauthorised users.


How does MCM work?

MCM involves the encryption of sensitive data and ensures only authorized applications can transmit, access or store these data using any strong password protection. It specifically focuses on data rather than on the devices or apps which utilize the data.

Most MCM solutions deploy MCM agent on devices such as Samsung and Android, when these devices are brought under management. MCM client helps in securely viewing and downloading the shared content. Additionally, admins can enforce many restrictions to maintain data security.

Why is MCM solution important?

  • MCM security policies prevent unauthorized sharing and allow IT to remotely wipe data if the device doesn’t meet the business security requirements.
  • It reduces the chance of data breach in the organisation by ensuring the data is inaccessible from unauthorized devices.
  • It helps in checking the corporate data is not being shared on third-party cloud services.

Key Features of MCM Solutions

  • Real-Time content update

Timely updated content is very critical for business processes. MCM solutions help in publishing, modifying the content in real-time irrespective of location or time

  • Multiple formats

Admins can distribute the documents and media over 15 different file formats. Some of commonly used formats are .pdf, .txt, .mp4. .docx, .png, .jpeg, etc.

  • Location-based delivery

Based on the current physical location of the device, the device enabled with GPS can provide targeted content like maps, news, weather reports, ads, etc.

  • Restrict document sharing from devices

Secure content by preventing users from sharing it with other devices and copying it to any other apps. Taking screenshots of the apps is completely prohibited

  • Hassle-free content update

Content can automatically be updated on the devices by uploading the new version on the MDM server

Benefits of MCM Solutions

  • Allow the users to manage the content on the go without any hassle
  • Flexibility and portability
  • Help the organisation stay within the budget
  • Help in designing a flexible framework that works for all the devices
  • Increase in productivity with easy tools
  • Help in maintaining the security at all levels


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