Mobile Edge Computing

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Mobile Edge computer is also known as multi-access edge computing or MEC. It is a technology that has helped to extend the applications or capabilities of cloud computing in edge networks. It was initiated by the European telecommunication standards institute that has focused on mobile networks. It has made it easy to process the servers and data on the user’s side over the user’s device. It provides an environment to help enterprises with real-time problems. This article will learn about mobile edge computing and its advantages.

What is Mobile Edge Computing?

Mobile Edge computing has used a 5G network to improve the performance of cloud applications and give them a new change. The services have now become autonomous and resolve many real-time issues. An increasing number of mobile devices and user’s reliance on the devices have increased the importance of storage-intensive operations, and extended battery lives to achieve better performance. The storage and network requirements are easily fulfilled by working with Mobile Edge computing. Computing and latency applications can easily be hosted, and image processing can also be done at the network’s edge. Users can expect good performance to achieve the target with a 5G network on their devices.

Use cases of Mobile Edge Computing

1. It is now easy to connect vehicles with autonomous vehicle applications. Due to this application, the need for human resources has declined.

2. The report of weather, road infrastructure, and the position of animals or vehicles can also be detected by connecting the device to the cloud.

3. The gaming experience has also changed by alloying multiplayer gaming or live gaming, where one person can communicate with another person on the game applications with the help of cloud gaming.

4. It has also helped police to detect the city or towns through a drawn detection application. This application has also helped to decrease many crimes. The same application has also been held in hospitals that can respond to any accident or emergency immediately.

Advantages of Mobile Edge Computing

  • It has resolved the problem of the network and helped to achieve efficiencies by saving costs.
  • It has helped in achieving low latency and improving video streaming. Hence the user experience has also increased.
  • The business can now adopt the 24/ 7-hour facilities pattern and give the users the services with this application’s help. So, technology has resolved the problem of solving users’ issues in less time.
  • Connecting one person with another in any corner of the world through videos, audio, and chat without latency is now possible. Now people can join and communicate with their loved ones in a few seconds.


Mobile computing has widened the possibilities, opportunities, and services in many sectors, including business, government, and safety. The application has provided low latency in each and every activity and made the user experience and satisfaction high. The firm is making use of mobile edge technology to make the growth of the business along with IoT and 5G Technologies.



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