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Mphasis Limited is an IT service and consulting company. It is an Indian multinational company located in Bangalore. It is placed in 7th position among Indian IT companies.

This company works on cutting-edge technology to assist firms with global business transformation. It mainly focuses on individual growth as a collaborative workplace. It offers training and internships in mastering new technologies to the employees to improve their skills, whether at work or home.

Mphasis makes sure that there is always someone to help the employees in times of difficulty and stimulates healthy conversation among colleagues and supervisors.

The recruitment drive of Mphasis consists of 4 rounds.

  • Online Test
  • Group Discussion Round
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

Mphasis Technical Interview Questions

  1. What is constructor overloading?
  2. What are interfaces in Java?
  3. Define join.
  4. What do you understand by marker interfaces in Java?
  5. Describe the various types of keys.
  6. Compare and contrast the super key and foreign key.
  7. What are the integrity rules in DBMS?
  8. Write a program using a while loop.
  9. Name the common clauses used with SELECT query in SQL.
  10. Highlight the uses of the function in C.
  11. Explain the concept of a pointer to a pointer in C.
  12. Is it possible to access the array using a pointer in C language?
  13. Name the integrity that specifies “Foreign Key can be either a NULL value or should be the Primary key value of other relation”?
  14. Explain GROUP BY CLAUSE.
  15. Define proxy servers.
  16. How do proxy servers protect computer networks?
  17. What does OSPF stand for?
  18. Explain the purpose of OSPF.
  19. Elaborate on the term ‘Virtual Private Network.’
  20. What is the ICMP protocol?
  21. Explain how Linked lists are better than arrays.
  22. Tell me the condition when the balancing of the AVL tree is done.
  23. Define hashmap with context to data structures.
  24. Names the various clouds available in cloud computing.
  25. How Professional cloud is different from a Personal cloud?
  26. Differentiate between Personal cloud and Performance cloud?
  27. Write down some differences between cloud computing and mobile computing.
  28. Explain serverless computing.
  29. What role do serverless components play in cloud computing?
  30. Explain the time-sharing system.
  31. Explain the process of synchronization.
  32. Explain how dynamic loading aid is a better memory space utilization.
  33. What do you know about local block
  34. Explain the concept of polymorphism.
  35. Tell me about pre-increment and post-increment operators.
  36. What is the difference between var++ and ++var?
  37. Write down the process to determine whether a character is numeric or alphabetic.
  38. Compare the two terms, data set and data reader.
  39. Write down the connection code to the database.
  40. What is the main role of using inner join and outer join?
  41. Explain the concept of top-n analysis in DBMS.
  42. Elucidate the term compiler design.
  43. Explain the various types of compilers.
  44. Define assembler.
  45. What are the various tools that are used for compiler construction?
  46. Explain bootstrapping in compiler design.
  47. What is yacc?
  48. What do you understand by Relocatable Machine Code?
  49. What is Lexical analysis?
  50. What is Parser Generator?
  51. Explain the use of ‘finally’ in Exception Handling.
  52. Do you have any knowledge of computer graphics?
  53. Differentiate between structure and union?
  54. Explain storage classes in C.
  55. Write a program to sort an array.
  56. What is time complexity? How it is different from space complexity?
  57. Explain the terms final, finally, and finalize.
  58. Highlight some main differences between Bugs and Defects.
  59. Explain the term Agile.
  60. What is Re-Testing?
  61. Define Regression Testing.
  62. Explain Multilevel Inheritance.
  63. What is the role of New while creating an object?
  64. Define the process of polymorphism.

Project-based Interview Questions

  1. Explain the project you have done so far.
  2. What is the reason for choosing this project?
  3. What made you choose this programming language?
  4. Have you worked in a team?
  5. What role do you prefer in team projects?

HR Interview Questions

  1. Introduce yourself with the points that are not written in your resume.
  2. State your weaknesses and strengths.
  3. Are you okay with relocation?
  4. Rate me as an interview on a scale of 1 to 10.
  5. Are you a better team leader or team worker?
  6. How will you manage the situation if a meeting related to your work clashes with your assignment, whose deadline is very near?
  7. Do you have any contacts with any of the Mphasis employees?
  8. Have you ever experienced the role of a team leader in your college fests? What strategy did you follow?
  9. What are your expectations from this company?
  10. What are your expectations from yourself in the coming years?
  11. Tell me about your experience of attending interviews with other companies.
  12. What is your goal in life?
  13. Do you like to play computer games?
  14. Do you have any questions for me?
  15. What made you choose this role?
  16. What are the methods you adopt to improve yourself?
  17. Have you done any internships yet? Tell me about your experience.

Java-Based Interview Questions

  1. Differentiate between interface and abstract class?
  2. Compare and contrast throws and throws.
  3. Explain the process of method overloading and method overriding.
  4. What is object class?
  5. Define Reflection in java.
  6. How will you reverse a string? Write a program in minimum line of code?
  7. Define set, list, array, ArrayList, and a hashmap.
  8. How can we use the final keyword in a variable, method, and class?
  9. For what purpose super keyword is used?
  10. Can we overload static methods?
  11. Explain why the main method is static in java.
  12. What is a singleton class in java, and how to implement it?
  13. Differentiate between String, StringBuffer, and StringBuilder.
  14. Explain Comparator in java.
  15. Explain how static as well as private method overriding is possible in java.



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