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A leader in IT solutions, Mphasis combines new tech understanding with domain and method expertise to offer Applications, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), and Construction services on a global scale.

Our integrated solutions are designed to add value for our clients by assisting them in streamlining and enhancing their business operations with the least amount of hassle and financial outlay. The ideal fusion of technical excellence, business performance analysis, business intelligence, and user experience management makes the organization appealing to its customers.

Responsibilities and Job Requirements

  • Manage a team of at least 80 to 100 FTEs, including voice and non-voice operations.
  • Establish criteria and rules for the helpdesk and incoming customer service representatives.
  • To achieve the required service level elements, manage the daily planning, procedure, and problem-solving of various tasks and business units.
  • Manage the account’s P&L to guarantee efficient delivery, process enhancements, and profit maximization.
  • Handle relationships with essential stakeholders and collaborate with all support departments.
  • Control operating structure, regulations, and procedures.
  • Encourage team members and group leaders by providing constructive feedback and communication
  • To achieve departmental and corporate customer service and support objectives, respond to unique client requests, and escalate issues.
  • Make sure the E-SAT and CSAT goals are met.
  • Make sure that limits and quality standards are implemented and followed in all facets of the deployed activities.
  • Make sure defections are managed in accordance with organizational goals.

Education and Experience

  • The applicant must be B2.2 certified.
  • The applicant ought to be able to work from home.
  • Should be prepared to move.
  • The applicant should be comfortable with rotating shifts and weekly off.
  • Should understand the fundamentals of online commerce.
  • Proper proportions of people, processes, and clients.
  • Outstanding oral and written communication skills; strong customer focus.
  • High-Level Performance Management.
  • Project management for small, medium, and massive projects.

Work hours and Benefits

  • Pay for Internship: 12,000 Indian Rupees, which is for 6 Months.
  • Aspirants will be hired for full-time positions based on their performance.
  • Their starting pay will be 4.4 LPA.
  • Additional health, travel, and many allowances will be provided.


  • Online Technical+Aptitude Test on-site at the campus.
  • Pupils would be listed based on their performance on the aptitude & technical test, coding test, and technical & HR interviews, which would take place for the nominees.



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