Multiple Conditions in a for loop in C


Multiple variables can be initialized as well as multiple conditions, and propagations can be made in a single ‘for’ loop by just using a comma ‘,’. In this article we will explore the use of Multiple Conditions in a for loop in C.


Let us write a program to change values of 2 variables, ‘x’ and ‘y’, simultaneously from ‘1 to 5’ and ‘5 to 1’ respectively.


int main()


            int x,y;

            for(x=1,y=5; x<=5,y>=1; x++,y--)






Multiple Conditions in a for loop in C


The above output is only possible when the initialisation, condition, and propagation steps of both variables were written in a single ‘for’ loop.

Note: ‘\t’ is used to generate a tab space like ‘\n’ gives a newline.


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