MySQL Introduction


Databases are used to organize and manage massive amounts of information and files in today’s high-tech world. There are numerous databases in use that are both efficient and secure. Mysql is a well-known and trusted database.


What is Mysql?

MySQL is a high-quality, well-developed RDBMS-based database that is straightforward to use and maintain. Because it is open-source software and platform-independent, it is in high demand in the market. On the other hand, commercial licenses are purchased based on the user’s needs for any additional support services. Compared to other databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, MYSQL is very simple and easy to learn and understand. Being one of the most user-friendly databases, many beginners are interested in learning it.


MySQL History

MySQL was created by David Axmark and Michael Monty Widenius of the Swedish company Mysql AB. In 1995, the first version was released. They began with a mini SQL or msql database with limited storage capacity. Later, they created a new interface while still using the same msql API and released the other versions. MySQL is named after co-founder Michael Monty Widenius’s daughter, My, and SQL stands for Structured Query Language because SQL is used to build the majority of Mysql.


Features of Mysql

  • High Availability
  • Better flexibility and scalability
  • Particularly trusted and secured
  • Most efficient
  • Large storage capacity
  • Easily available
  • Increases Productivity
  • Effective support services
  • Quick in processing

Applications of MySQL

E-commerce applications:

The goal of eCommerce businesses is to provide the best services while also establishing a successful career. MySQL is the best choice for evolving to improve and increase its growth and development because it is a reliable and quality-driven database.

MySQL is also used in logging applications, data warehouses, and web databases. Because MySQL is a hybrid of RDBMS and SQL, its overall performance is tremendous, delivering the required results quickly and accurately.


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