Node.js Job Description (JD) Sample


IT professionals who maintain network applications and exchange data between users and servers are known as Node.js developers. The Node.js developers develop a back-end support facility to connect the application with other web services. The developers support web-based applications and database management. There is a huge requirement for skilled Node.js developers because of web designing, digital landscape projects, etc., creating a massive demand for software development. And Java script coding is mainly in the runtime environment of the Node.js development technique.

Job Description and Qualifications

  • Most Node.js candidates have experience learning how to run third-party software applications.
  • Js developers have a strong command of web applications, web development, designing, etc., using different technologies like JavaScript, HTML, Bootstrap, Underscore, and other code languages.
  • Proper regular testing of the software and handling of all the issues or glitches
  • JS provides technical support to its clients and users.
  • It also includes some theoretical processes for database management and preparing reports.
  • JS is developing the customer-facing UI interface.
  • They also take care of the system data and storage security needs.
  • Js candidates make proper daily plans and execution to meet the client’s demands.
  • JSC candidates are arranging a meeting for the instruction of the new interns and to maintain team spirit.

Work hours and Benefits

The Node.js developers are working as full-time employees. Node.js is a problematic development technique in which candidates handle lots of struggle and gain experience by doing internships and getting certified in a particular field. The Node.js candidates have a time limit to complete their projects before the deadline. The big IT companies are only hiring Node.js professionals, which is the dream of every software developer to enjoy the benefits of the software company and have a good working environment. The significant placement is only possible if the candidate has excellent multitasking and analytical, verbal, and non-verbal communication skills. They are also experts in front-end technologies, which will increase their average salary packages earned from the companies by about INR 8–15 lakh per annum. It will increase depending on the candidate’s experience, ability, and performance.

Education and Experience

For becoming a Node.js developer, a bachelor’s degree is a must or post-graduate study in computer science or similar fields. The companies require at least 2–5 years of experience in node.js web development. Experience is a must in node.js techniques because the candidate should be proficient in many coding languages like Javascript, HTML, CSS, etc., and have database management experience. The candidate should always try to do something new in this field and implement, design, and amend the existing one. Node.js developers should have experience with routine testing operations, reducing troubleshooting issues and making identifying and correcting errors easier. And they are always trying to increase their communication skills.


If the Node.js developing candidate matches all of the principles and requirements in your resume, it is a golden opportunity for you to share your CV or resume on the HR mail ID and wait for their response. If you get the proper response with the interview date and schedule, you can move further in the hiring process and become a successful hire as a Node.js.


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