Oracle Interview Questions


The Austin, Texas-based Oracle Corporation is an American multinational company specializing in computer technology. According to sales and market capitalization, Oracle was the third-largest software firm in the world in 2020.

Basic questions

  1. What do you mean by the Oracle logical storage structure?
  2. State the RAW datatype?
  3. Define memory layers in the Oracle shared pool.
  4. Define save point in the Oracle database.
  5. Explain the various Oracle database objects in brief.
  6. What is the use of ANALYZE command in Oracle?
  7. Define hash clusters in Oracle.
  8. Explain different components of the physical database structure of an Oracle database.
  9. Which language is used to develop the Oracle?
  10. Explain some types of modules in Oracle forms.

Theoretical Basic Questions

  1. Define a tablespace.
  2. List the default tablespaces of Oracle.
  3. Differentiate between an online and an offline tablespace.
  4. Define a SYSTEM tablespace. When is it created?
  5. Define an Oracle table.
  6. Define a snapshot.
  7. Explain actual parameters.
  8. Explain formal parameters.
  9. Which data type has a varying length binary string?
  10. Describe Logical backup in Oracle.
  11. Explain recursive hints in Oracle.
  12. State the use of the TRANSLATE function with an example.
  13. State the use of the REPLACE function with an example.
  14. Define a synonym and its types.
  15. Define COALESCE function.
  16. Define BLOB datatype.
  17. How do we represent comments in Oracle?
  18. Define DML.
  19. Differentiate between TRANSLATE and REPLACE?
  20. How do we display rows from the table without duplicates?

IMP command-based Questions

  1. State the limitations of the CHECK constraint.
  2. What is the use of the GRANT option in the IMP command?
  3. What is the use of the ROWS option in the IMP command?
  4. What is the use of the IGNORE option in the IMP command?
  5. What is the use of the INDEXES option in the IMP command?

Coding Questions

  1. State an example of converting a date to a char in Oracle.
  2. State an example of converting a string to a date in Oracle.
  3. Which function can be used to find the current date and time of the operating system on which the Oracle database is running?
  4. Write a query to find the average salary of employees from the Emp Oracle Table.
  5. Write a query to list the duplicate values.
  6. Write a query to find the student with the 2nd rank from the table STUDENTS_DETAILS.
  7. How do we create privileges in Oracle?
  8. Explain Nested tables.

Theoretical Advance Questions

  1. What is the usage of the Merge Statement?
  2. What is the NULL value in oracle?
  3. What is USING Clause, and give an example?
  4. What is the key preserved table?
  6. What is the use of Aggregate functions in Oracle?
  7. What do you mean by GROUP BY Clause?
  8. What is a subquery, and Explain different types of subqueries?
  9. What is a cross-join?
  10. What are temporal data types in Oracle?


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