Oracle Technical Job Description


An Oracle technical expert can customize, localize, and extend all products and applications using Oracle. It is necessary for this person to monitor, enhance, and debug all Oracle-based software in their capacity as a technical consultant. In addition, the technical consultant collaborates with the research and development team to polish all currently available goods and perhaps build new ones that the business may develop and market.

Responsibilities and Job Requirements

  • After gaining knowledge of process flows, Supporting Oracle Fusion HCM Modules.
  • Work closely with the functional team to comprehend the problem and offer a solution.
  • Support functional teams as they conduct investigations and offer solutions.
  • Find the problems’ root causes and fix them.
  • Create solid and enduring relationships with customers at all levels.
  • Prioritize and handle concerns given according to the provided parameters.
  • Collaborate with the technical team members to create and test specialized solutions.
  • Work with end users to boost efficiency by streamlining business processes with Oracle capability.
  • Create technological requirements to address new business needs.
  • Create a precise process and procedure document, then train end users.
  • Must provide monthly updates on the status and accomplishments of the contract.
  • There may frequently be follow-up activities and more client feedback.
  • The TAM should help to ensure that the appropriate follow-up activities or information are assigned to the relevant resources and carried out.
  • Establish and maintain productive working connections with other departments, organizations, and staff whose work needs to be coordinated or interfaced in a matrix context. Being at ease in a leadership role but without necessarily possessing explicit permission to do so.
  • Please inform the client services team of any pertinent client information.

Education and Experience

  • Graduate in engineering
  • At least five years of expertise with Oracle Fusion HCM modules, at least two implementations utilizing Fusion HCM, and at least ten years of experience with Oracle EBS HRMS.
  • Solid familiarity with PaaS services used to enhance Fusion HCM (OIC, VBCS, ATP Database, Analytics Cloud, ODI).
  • good knowledge of Oracle Fusion ERP’s functional flows for the HCM Modules.
  • Process for upgrading Fusion HCM and testing expertise.
  • Vital IT technical skills and a strong business orientation.
  • A must be able to operate in matrix management and successfully traverse a complicated organizational structure.
  • Ability to effectively cooperate across teams while working in a diverse, fast-paced environment.
  • Focuses on the small details and has experience leading numerous medium- to large-scale initiatives.
  • Excellent presenting and communication abilities.

Work hours and Benefits

This job is for full-time employees, but some people also perform it as a freelance job to supplement their income, work part-time, and obtain certificates in extra knowledge activities to help them land high-paying employment. Java developers receive a starting salary that varies with experience. People with less experience can earn between INR 5 and 10 lakh per year, and those with 2 to 5 years of experience can earn between INR 10 and 28 lakh.


Those that work here full-time do so, although some do it part-time. You must register on the official website to comply with the criteria. In the interim, you must equip yourself with the necessary communication skills. Getting more experience will be a bonus, but adding it to a CV or resume will be better.



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