PHP Job Description (JD) Sample


PHP developer works as a programming application and is also responsible for server-side web applications. The PHP developer’s primary role is to convert simple language into technical PHP coding scripts that are used in modification, amendments, designs, changes to existing ones, and so forth. The PHP developer is an expert in testing and has a problem-solving mind. The PHP developer is the one who is responsible for the backend components that support the web applications and also help the front-end developers. PHP is a complex language that needs more burden than the other coding languages for the web application’s stability and to maintain performance. PHP developers know other important coding languages in applications like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. The PHP software developer needs to know of these. PHP candidates have fixed goals to complete their projects within the time limits provided by the IT companies or directly linked clients.

Job Requirements and Responsibility

  • Proper analysis of the web application and website requirements.
  • Developing the backend system to support and optimize the database storage system.
  • Building the effective design and regular testing of web applications.
  • Front-end developers should develop properly supported applications.
  • Proper analysis of the projects and discussion with the clients for any changes or modifications are required.
  • Handling the bugs and glitches in the application and handling the troubleshooting problems effectively.
  • Must do the project within the deadline the companies or private clients set.

Work Hours and Benefits

A PHP developer is a full-time employee. The main work of the PHP developer is to transfer the simple language into the coding scripts, which are further designed into the website and used for public users. PHP developers’ work will not stop; it will continue because software developers’ primary business is to make new designs according to market trends and implement or change existing ones. Experience is a must in the software development job, and the basis of payment of the PHP developer depends upon the candidate’s ability, knowledge, experience, team-leading spirit, and so forth. The salary ranges from 7 to 15 lakh per annum and varies depending on the candidate’s ability or expertise.

Education and Experience

A PHP developer candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in CS (computer science) or any other required field. They must know the PHP framework, such as Laravel, Yii, etc. The PHP developer should also learn some linked programming languages like HTML, Node.js, JavaScript, CSS, and object-oriented programming. PHP developers have previous experience, which will help them quickly develop web applications, websites, and so on with durable components. The candidate should know how to manage the projects with the help of team members and how to distribute the work to other team members according to their specifications and handle the problem effectively or prepare the project on time.


The PHP Developer candidate should prepare their resume according to the above job description. The candidate should prepare their CV or resume according to the company’s requirements and needs. The companies will notice the successful candidate, and resumes will be shifted to the next stage of the recruiting process. Where they will receive a selection notice after matching their resume with the company’s needs, receive interview calls, and be placed as a PHP developer in an IT company.


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