PHP Syllabus


In this article, we will discuss the end-to-end syllabus of PHP.

PHP Syllabus

  1. Introduction to PHP
    • Understanding server-side scripting
    • Setting up a development environment
    • Basic syntax and data types
  2. Variables, Operators and Control Structures
    • Declaring variables
    • Operators (arithmetic, logical, comparison, etc.)
    • Conditional statements (if, switch)
    • Loops (for, while, do-while)
  3. Functions
    • Defining and calling functions
    • Pass by value vs. pass by reference
    • Recursive functions
  4. Arrays
    • Types of arrays (numeric, associative)
    • Array functions (sort, count, etc.)
    • Multidimensional arrays
  5. Strings
    • String functions (substr, strpos, etc.)
    • String manipulation (concatenation, substitution, etc.)
  6. Forms and User Input
    • Creating and processing HTML forms
    • $_GET and $_POST arrays
    • Data validation and sanitization
  7. Cookies and Sessions
    • Understanding HTTP state management
    • Setting and retrieving cookies
    • Creating and managing sessions
  8. File Handling
    • Reading and writing to files
    • File uploads
    • File permissions
  9. Database Connectivity with MySQL
    • Introduction to databases and SQL
    • Connecting to a MySQL database with PHP
    • Executing SQL queries using PHP
    • Storing and retrieving data using PHP
  10. Object-Oriented Programming with PHP
  • Understanding classes and objects
  • Defining and using classes in PHP
  • Inheritance and polymorphism
  • Access modifiers (public, private, protected)
  1. Error Handling and Debugging
  • Understanding errors and exceptions
  • Using try-catch blocks
  • Debugging techniques (var_dump, print_r, error_log, etc.)
  1. PHP Frameworks
  • Understanding the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture
  • Introduction to popular PHP frameworks (Laravel, CodeIgniter, etc.)
  • Building a simple web application using a framework
  1. Additional Topics
  • Sending emails
  • Working with regular expressions
  • Implementing security measures (input validation, escaping output, etc.)
  • Building RESTful APIs.

Where to learn PHP?

You can learn HTML here.



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