Privileged Account Management Solutions (PAMS)


Privileged accounts are as good as gold for any enterprise. Such accounts are extremely valuable, not only to the corporates but to cyberattackers too. These privileged users hold a high degree of authority and access to certain resources and data not available to other normal users or the general public. Corporates often implement several policies and strategies to protect these fragile accounts. All of these methods come under privileged account management (also known as PAM).


As the name suggests, privileged account management is the system of services that secures privileged users and their actions. They are highly volatile and high-value prey for cyberhackers to exploit. Human admins can use these accounts with high authority in the company or IT department, certain machines and computers, etc.

Privileged Account Management Solutions Examples

In recent times, as technology becomes more relevant in the corporate realm,  managing privileged accounts has become much easier and administrator-friendly through several PAM solutions that IT administrators can select and implement. Few top-grade examples of privileged account management solutions include:

  1. CyberArk privileged score security: CyberArk is one of the PAM market’s biggest players and holds a significant market share. Their main USP is privileged access security, a layered security system for privileged accounts with 500 and more integrations in total.
  2. Arcon, privileged access management: This solution is beneficial for companies as this solution provides services in line with risk management. Arcon provides features that allow IT administrators to accurately predict exploits or cyberattacks that could compromise their privileged accounts. It enables them to prepare for any cyberattacks, particularly making improvements to the privileged accounts to be protected. The solution also provides a secure password fault that regularly generates strong passwords used to change the passwords used for signing into privileged accounts. Admins or users need to pass the multi-factor authentication and be authorized to access the password vault.
  3. Foxpass privileged access management: Foxpass solutions uses an efficient mechanism that automates server and network access for achieving certain resources and data while reducing strain on IT technologies used in the enterprise. It is extremely easy to use, user-friendly, and easy to set up. Thanks to cloud mail setup and existing SSO services allowing users and customers to protect their accounts in only a few minutes. It provides multi-layered enterprise-level security and will enable admins to implement third-party applications and software that privileged users can use with maximum protection. (e.g., Google Workspace).


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