Process Builder in Salesforce


Process Builder enables us, Admins, to focus on more important matters by automating monotonous business processes, such as:

  • Record updates
  • Record creation
  • Posting on chatter
  • Launching or triggering a flow
  • Invoking another process
  • Sending an email alert

Let’s get to know this tool with a simple example: When we change the Address of an Account record, we want those changes to reflect in all associated Contact records without having to get it done manually. Follow along to learn how.

1. Create a New Process over the Account Object

Let’s start by creating a Process and selecting the object on which the process runs.

1. From Setup, enter Process Builder in the Quick Find Box, and then click Process Builder.

2. Click New.

3. Click Continue in Process Builder.

4. Enter the following:

  • Process Name: Contact Address Change
  • Description: Change the address of all associated Contacts of an Account when the Account address changes.
  • The process starts when: A record changes
  • Click Save.

5. Click + Add Object.

6. From Find an object… select Account.

7. To Start the process, choose when a record is created or edited.

8. Click Save.

2. Add Process Criteria

We need to add criteria to determine when the process should run. It’s when this criterion holds that the Process runs.

1. Click + Add Criteria.

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2. Enter the following:

  • Criteria Name: Address Changed?
  • Criteria for Executing Actions: Conditions are met
  • Set Conditions:
    • Field: BillingStreet
    • Operator: Is changed
    • Type: Boolean
    • Value: True
  • Conditions: All of the conditions are met (AND)

3. Click Save.

3. Add Process Action

Now let’s add the Action to be performed when the Criteria are true.

1. Click + Add Action.

2. Enter the following:

  • Action Type: Update Records
  • Action Name: Change Contact Address
  • For Record Type, click Select a Record to Update and choose Select a record related to the Account.
  • From the dropdown list, select Contacts
  • Click Choose.
  • Criteria for Updating Records: No criteria – just update the records!
  • Under Set new field values for the records you update:
    • Field: Mailing Street
    • Type: Field Reference
    • Value: Billing Street

3. Click Save.

4. Click Activate and Confirm.

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Test the Process

Let’s see the Process in action.

1. From the App Launcher ( ), select Contacts.

2. Open any contact. I’ll be opening the contact, Tom Ripley.

3. From Tom Ripley’s detail page, we can note his Mailing Address and Account Name.

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4. Click on the account name, United Oil & Gas, Singapore. This directs us to the account for United Oil & Gas, Singapore.

5. Edit the billing address on the accounts detail page of United Oil & Gas, Singapore. And click Save.

6. Navigate to Tom Ripley’s detail page, and voila, his Mailing Address has been updated!

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