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Workspace One is an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) with Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) to control and deploy applications. The products have enhanced security features such as Identity management (IM), multi-step authentication, and protection against jailbreak and rooting. The endpoint devices and virtual systems are continuously monitored. Powerful collaboration tools such as calendar and mail and single-step sign-on enhance user experience. The software is either in premise or as a SaaS model and compatible with all OS and devices.

Workspace One Intelligent Hub

Intelligent Hub provides a single console for the administrator. An application is provided for users with a single touch sign-on to access the enterprise application catalog. The user experience is further enhanced with powerful collaboration tools.

Features of Workspace One Intelligent Hub

  • Unified App Catalogue: Applications ranging from enterprise applications, SaaS applications, and app stores can be deployed from a single console with multi-access levels and Identity Management. The end users can easily access all the offered applications from a single catalog with a single sign-on, saving the hassle of remembering multiple passwords for different workspaces.
  • Collaboration tools: Intelligent Hub offers powerful collaboration tools like mail, calendar, and company social to stay connected with colleagues. A single directory for all company contacts can be called, messaged, or mailed in an instance. Exclusive teams can be created in a hierarchy.
  • Personalized corporate communications: All the latest company updates are provided under a For you section. Internal resources and corporate network resources can be accessed and shared easily. The updates can be shared and notified according to the degree of urgency, with action on the go without having to leave the application.
  • Troubleshooting: Intelligent hub provides a self-sufficient system for answering and solving Frequently Asked Questions. The devices can be easily integrated into the system. KB articles provide complete guidance for onboarding new devices. Virtual assistant AVA simplifies and guides solutions.


Workspace One Boxer

Workspace One integrates company mail with features to provide a faster, secure mailing system with unique customizations suited to company requirements.

Features of Workspace One Boxer

  • Managing mail: Managing emails with Workspace One boxer is a lot easier, faster and quicker. Configure the swipe gestures option on the bottom right of your screen to your specific needs for better management. Take quick action on mails by long-pressing and selecting emails of choice. For individual emails, instant action is provided in the top right corner.
  • Faster response: Pre-created templates and options to create and edit templates, arrange them in order of priority on a grid. Simply select and send.
  • Availability: Instantly update the dates you are available by selecting dates on the calendar and avoid the hassle.
  • Conference call: Enter a meeting room without the need to enter passwords with a single touch.
  • Customize mail view: A modern, easy to read card-like display system under conversation view setting. Traditional settings can be toggled as well.


Workspace One Content

Workspace One Content helps employees be more creative and productive with powerful collaboration tools to access and share content with anyone across any network.

Features of Workspace One Content

  • Content access: Workspace one content enhances end-user experience by providing access on the go, on a single platform across multiple networks. Employees can access the corporate network with all enterprise data, directories, resources, and applications without having to download them. Filters help make searches quicker.
  • Powerful collaboration tools: Instant sharing, commenting and tagging colleagues with real-time updates.
  • Highlight your favorite content: Select add to favorites to save your favorite document or template.


Workspace One Web

Workspace One web provides one platform access to the corporate intranet, data, and resources. The traditional methods had a lot of complexities and were time-consuming, like connecting to VPN. Intuitive browsing enhances and secures the surfing experience across all intranet, internet, and web applications.

Features of workspace one web

  • Instant access: Access company network, data, and applications with a single touch. Bookmark your favorite sites in order of priority. Customize or remove bookmarks. Click the instant action feature on the bottom right for more features. Finding relevant data and sites has become a lot easier.
  • QR codes: Scan QR codes to open web and applications by clicking enter URL bar and selecting the camera option.


Workspace One Notebook

Workspace One notebook is a powerful collaboration tool to create, save and share important notes, meetings, content, and ideas on the go.

Features of Workspace One Notebook

  • Notes on meetings: Start taking notes and recording minutes of the meeting as soon as the meeting starts and share them with your colleagues after the meeting. Use pre-provided templates or create and edit new ones and share with colleagues with a single touch.
  • Instant search and organization: Workspace One notebook allows users to sort files and data across various criteria like keywords, shared with, favorites, attachments, and more. A single search bar helps you browse through your content and filters to get exactly what you are looking for.
  • Style your notes: Highlight your key points, color them or enhance them with voice clips and images. Handwriting is supported on iOS.
  • Work management: Prioritize, organize and share your to-do list and tasks with your colleagues. Group your tasks with embedded task management. Set reminders to stay up to date and on time.
  • Create smart lists for tasks: Smart lists are synced with filters of your choice to show tasks accordingly. Filters can be changed in the settings section.


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