Program for Insertion sort (Recursive way) using Python


In the previous article we understood how insertion sort work. Now we will discuss the recursive way to implement insertion sort in our program.


def sort(ip_arr, length):

    if length <= 1:


    sort(ip_arr, length - 1)

    end_ele = ip_arr[length - 1]

    j = length - 2

    while(j>=0 and ip_arr[j] > end_ele):

        ip_arr[j+1] = ip_arr[j]

        j = j - 1

    ip_arr[j + 1] = end_ele


ip_arr = [6, 5, 11, 101, 13]

print("The input array is: ", ip_arr)

sort(ip_arr, len(ip_arr))

print("The sorted array is :")

for i in range(len(ip_arr)):



Program for Insertion sort (Recursive way) using Python


Algorithm for Insertion sort:

  1. Iterate through element[1] to element[n-1].
  2. Compare element[i] and put it at suitable index in the array where, 1 <= I <= n-1.
  3. Return the sorted array.


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