Program for Selection sort using Python

by | Jun 26, 2021 | Python Programs


The task is to perform selection sort on given elements.

Program for Selection sort using Python


import sys
ip_arr = [1, 100, 6, 3]
print("The input array is: ", ip_arr)
for i in range(len(ip_arr)):
    idx = i
    for j in range(i +1 , len(ip_arr)):
        if ip_arr[idx] > ip_arr[j]:
            idx = j
# Swapping elements
    ip_arr[i], ip_arr[idx] = ip_arr[idx], ip_arr[i]
print("The sorted array is :")
for i in range(len(ip_arr)):
    print("%d" %ip_arr[i])


Program for Selection sort using Python Output


The selection sort maintain two arrays from the given array. One is sorted array and another one is unsorted array. The minimum element is search from unsorted array and placed at the correct positioned in sorted array.


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