Program to add characters in the middle using Python

by | Mar 2, 2021 | Python Programs


The task is to add the string in the middle of the given phrase.

Program to add characters in the middle using Python


  • Split the given string into list and find the middle position.
  • Append the word to be added using slicing
  • Join the strings based on space delimiter



ip_str = input("Enter the phrase : ")

word = input("Enter the string to be inserted in the middle : ")

#Splitting string and finding md position

str_split = ip_str.split()

mid = len(str_split)//2


output = str_split[:mid] + [word] + str_split[mid:]

output = ' '.join(output)

print("Output string is : "+str(output))


Program to add characters in the middle Output


In the above program, we have split the given phrase into list using split() function. The length of the list divided by 2 will give the middle position. Now we have added the word in the list in pattern: strings before middle position + to be added string + strings after middle position. The output list is then joined using space delimiter and then printed on the screen.



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