Program to check Armstrong Number in Python


In this section we’ll learn to check whether the given number is Armstrong number or not. A number is said be Armstrong number of order n if:

abc….n = power(a,n) + power(b,n) + power(c,n) +……..+ powe(n,n)

Program to check Armstrong Number


# Function to calculate the power b of number a

def pow(a,b):

    if b == 0:

        return 1

    if b%2 == 0:

        return pow(a,b//2)*pow(a,b//2)

    return a*pow(a,b//2)*pow(a,b//2)

#Function to calculate the order of number

def ord(order):

    x = 0


        x += 1

        order = order//10

    return x

#Check Armstrong number

def check_Armstrong(n):

    x = ord(n)

    temp = n

    sum_res = 0


        temp1 = temp%10

        sum_res = sum_res+pow(temp1,x)

        temp = temp//10

    return (sum_res == 0)


n = 268



Program to check Armstrong Number Output


In the above program, we have created three functions pow(), ord() and check_armstrong(). The pow() function will calculate the power of digits, ord() function will calculate the order of number i.e. the number of digits in a given number and the check_armstrong() function will verify whether the it is Armstrong number or not. The function check_armstrong() returns the boolean value depending upon the given number.


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