Program to search file having particular extension using regex


While dealing with the large number of files, we may come across the scenario where we need to find a file of a particular type. By using python in-built package re, we can easily find the file. Our task is to find the file having a particular extension.


import re 
def search(ip_file):
    for fnames in ip_file: 
        search_ext ="\.txt$", fnames) 
        if search_ext: 
            print("File with extension .txt is:", fnames) 
ip_file = ["py.html", "python.xml", "py.rar", "py.txt", "python.jpg"]


search file having particular extension


In the above python code, the regular expression we have used to find .txt file is “\.txt$” where, $ represents that the string is ending with the character before it (i.e. the string ends with .txt). If the search is true, the file name is printed on the screen.


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