Program to split the string and then join using Python


The task is to split the given string and also join the strings based on the delimiter (here we are using space delimiter for splitting and ‘ – ‘ for joining) .

Program to split the string and then join

In machine learning, we often come into the scenario where we have to specifically select some string. Here splitting comes into play. We can take simple example; splitting the address into multiple format (house number, street address, area, city, state , pin code). And use join to get the complete address.



def str_split(input_str):

# Splitting string using space delimiter

    output_split = input_str.split(' ')

    return output_split


def str_join(output_split):

# Joining string using '-' delimiter

    output_join = '-'.join(output_split)

    return output_join

input_str = input("Enter the string : ")

# Splitting string

output_split = str_split(input_str)

print("Splitting string: ",output_split)

#Joining strings

output_join = str_join(output_split)

print("Joining string :", output_join)


Program to split the string and then join Output


In the above python code we have used split() and join() to split and join the strings respectively. We have created two separate functions for this. The input_str is passed as argument to the function str_split and the output is stored in variable output_split. The split string is printed on the screen.

Now, we passed the split string ( output_split) variable as the argument to function str_join to join the strings using delimited. The joined string is returned to the variable output_join and is printed on the screen.


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