React.js Job Description (JD) Sample


A React.js developer is a React.js developer that creates and implements web components based on JavaScript and develops a mobile application using the React open-source platform. React.js is used in many interfaces like that maintained by Facebook, and several other developers or companies are using React.js, and they need a full-stack developer to grow with our team. The React.js developer is to complete the project by using the most advanced technologies for excellent results. The developing candidates are regular testing projects for the final output. The developer should have a particular skill, expertise, and maturity level to handle the problems raised while using the application and fix the bugs quickly with their pre-planned system. They should always be ready to face troubleshooting problems within the time limit for correction. The essential skill that every developer should have is the ability to manage a team, delegate tasks, and provide the best results to companies or clients.React.js is always included in every UI component.

Job Description and Requirements

  • The React.js developer is responsible for the new changes or modifications in the web user interface.
  • Proper testing of React.js components for any application and interface design requirement.
  • The developers are arranging a formal meeting to discuss the ideas and changes in application designs with the team.
  • JavaScript is one of the languages used for the web application’s coding language for the React.js workflow.
  • They can easily handle troubleshooting problems and easily debug the glitches in web applications.
  • They are monitoring the front-end performance and creating libraries for future usage.
  • Coordinate or collaborate with the entire engineering team while working on different tiers.

Work hours and Benefits

The React.js developer job is full-time. The React.js candidate has so much hard work to understand the qualities or work performance of a React.js developer. Every software developing candidate must get real-time experience in their field to know every aspect. Experience may help them handle bugs or troubleshoot problems efficiently. The developing candidate should have object-oriented ideas, think about the latest design patterns, know how to operate the software for designing the application and have expertise in dealing with technological challenges. The basic pay will depend on the candidate’s ability, knowledge, experience, etc. The requirements to earn excellent salary packages and the range of packages for fresher candidates is from 6–13 lakh per annum, and React.js candidates have some additional benefits like remote work stipends, paid time off (PTO), health coverage, referral bonuses for new talent, etc.

Education and Experience

The React.js candidate must have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or an equivalent diploma to work as a React.js developer. The company frequently inquires about previous experience in which field while working for another company. The React.js candidate must have deep knowledge of essential coding scripts like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc., which are required to handle any React.js project. They also have to gain experience in user interface design and testing the performance of the software. The developers should know how to troubleshoot problems effectively and have good management skills.


Candidates for React.js are in high demand, and companies are always eager to hire them if they meet their requirements. The main thing the developer candidate should do is build up their resume or CV so impressive, as mentioned in the above job description. CV will help you increase your chance of employment and get the interview call, which is the final step. After clearing this last round of interviews, the candidate is successfully hired as a React.js developer.


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