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React Native is a best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It combines the best parts of native development with React.

In today’s era of technology, we can use React Native in our existing Android and iOS projects or create a whole new app from scratch. Moreover, a team can maintain two platforms and share a common technology, i.e., React.

It allows you to create truly native apps which do not compromise the user’s experience.

React Native Basic Interview Questions

  1. How is React Native different from React Js?
  2. Explain the Routing mechanism of React Native.
  3. Does React Native use HTML tags?
  4. Explain Flexbox. Elaborate on its most used property.
  5. What are the advantages of using React Native?
  6. Explain the concept of ‘Additional Third-Party Plugins’ in context with React Native.
  7. Define threads.
  8. Explain the types of threads in React Native with their uses.
  9. Does React Native come with some default properties?
  10. How are the default properties of React Native used?
  11. How is user input handled in React Native?
  12. Define State and its uses in React Native.
  13. What is Redux in React Native?
  14. Explain the essential components of Redux that are used in React Native applications.
  15. What are Timers in React Native applications?
  16. How will you debug React Native applications? Name the tools used for this purpose.
  17. Explain the concept of Props Drilling and how we can avoid it.
  18. Describe Networking in React Native.
  19. How can we make AJAX network calls in React Native?
  20. Explain the process of integrating React Native in an existing Android mobile application.
  21. What is the use of firebase in React Native?
  22. Name the database that is best for React Native.
  23. How will you update the React Native with the latest version?
  24. What is the role of React Native Packager in React Native?
  25. What do you understand about Gesture Responder System?
  26. Is it possible to integrate more features in existing applications in React Native?
  27. What is the storage system in React Native?
  28. How is data loaded on the server by React Native?
  29. What are animations in React Native?
  30. Explain the various similarities between React and React Native.
  31. Explain the best use for UI components for React Native.
  32. What are different ways provided by React Native to handle screen sizes?
  33. Write the differences between Class and Functional Components.
  34. What do you know about Interaction Manager? Explain its importance.
  35. Explain HOC in React Native.
  36. What is the reason for using keys in React Native?
  37. Define Refs in React Native?
  38. Name the languages used in React Native.
  39. Is React Native a native mobile application?
  40. What is the use of the XHR Module in React Native?

React Native Intermediate Level Interview Questions

  1. Explain the process of how React Native shows the final output on a mobile screen.
  2. Define Bridge and its uses in React Native.
  3. Explain the concept of the Bridge in IOS and Android both.
  4. Name the core components of React Native.
  5. Explain the analogy when the core components of React Native are compared with the web.
  6. Explain ListView and its uses.
  7. Is it possible to write different codes for IOS and Android in the same code base? If yes, how?
  8. Explain Touchable components in React Native and when to use each of them.
  9. What are FlatList components? Explain its key features.
  10. How will you use Routing with React Navigation?
  11. What are different ways available to style React Native Applications?
  12. What is an Async Storage in React Native?
  13. Explain when to use Async Storage and when to not.
  14. While rendering a dynamic list of items, explain the good use case for using a function.
  15. What is the use of the second argument of setState?
  16. Name the entity that acts as the input of a class-based component.
  17. Which tag is used as a container that supports layout with Flexbox in React Native?
  18. Which Hook is used to change State in React Native?
  19. Name the component used for Rendering a long list of Data in React Native.
  20. Name the module that detects the platform in which the application is running.
  21. What is the use of Axios in React Native?
  22. What is an API in React Native?
  23. What does the StyleSheet.create do?
  24. Highlight the difference between React Native and Xamarin.
  25. Compare React Native with Ionic.

React Native Advanced Level Interview Questions

  1. Explain the main reason for performance issues that occur on React Native.
  2. What are the various steps to be followed to optimize an application?
  3. Explain the issue of memory leaks in React Native.
  4. How will you detect and resolve the issue of memory leaks?
  5. Is it possible to store sensitive data in React Native?
  6. Explain the concept of Network Security and SSL Pinning.
  7. Define setNativeProps?
  8. Does setNativeProps create any Performance issues while using it?
  9. How will you make your React Native applications feel smooth on animations?
  10. What is the need for SSL Pinning?
  11. Name the component of React Native that can detect various stages of press interactions.
  12. Is ‘justify placing’ a property of Flexbox?
  13. How do you respond to a user press in a React native Component?
  14. How can we center a View component on the screen?
  15. How can we manage the layout in React Native?
  16. What is the right way of writing and composing React Native components?
  17. Mention the limitations of using Expo and the React Native CLI.
  18. How can a user start a React Native Project?
  19. Describe the process of re-rendering a FlatList.
  20. Is it possible to use TypeScript in React Native? If yes, how?
  21. What are the different ways of styling a React Native component?
  22. Explain the terms RCT and RNT.
  23. Explain the advantages of native apps over hybrid apps.
  24. What is scroll view?
  25. Is there any browser IDE that exists for React Native?
  26. How will you pick up camera images in React Native?
  27. What is the role of NPM?
  28. How are Hot Reloading and Live Reloading in React Native different?
  29. What is the role of the Interaction Manager?
  30. Define fabric in React Native.


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