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React Native developers are interested in building a web application for creating a mobile app that could work on iOS and Android platforms. They are responsible for architecting and building these applications. To build UIs for different platforms, React native developers use hybrid technologies for the native framework. The React Native technologies handle the multiple work platforms for the web by using a single code base. It is widely used to build applications for Android, Android TV, iOS, Web, Web Applications, etc. Many new start-ups like Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Flipkart, etc. They coordinate with the teams responsible for many other parts of the applications. Many software and frameworks are available today for developing cross-platform apps, with JavaScript being the most crucial component of any cross-platform development, which increases the use of React Native on the same platform.

Job Requirements and Responsibilities

  • React Native developers can develop highly responsive applications and websites.
  • They work with many other software programs, like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc., for desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms.
  • They should have strong technical knowledge of React Native Development.
  • Experience building component libraries for teams and third-party developers to integrate into their existing mobile apps.
  • Every developer can optimize their performance and analyze CPU, battery life, etc.
  • React Native candidates must improve the front-end performance and back-end support service for the clients and users.
  • They coordinate with the cross-functional teams through JavaScript code base technologies to build the app in a fixed time or budget.
  • Proper handling of troubleshooting problems and fixing all the bugs
  • They had created the automation of software tests, which quickly checks the issues in the software’s work without human resources.

Work hours and Benefits

A React Native developer is a full-time employee and works as a full-stack developer in many fields of computer science. The React Native developers are well-versed in JavaScript and convert other codes into technical languages to optimize and work flawlessly. The native candidate can handle this job after taking the live experience, working with the react Native senior developers, and learning each small thing. This will give them skills to handle the react Native web apps for desktop, mobile, TV apps, etc. The starting salary for a React Native candidate varies according to their skills and experience. The average range of the salary packages offered by most companies to their native employees is 8–15 lakh per annum, which can be changed according to the candidate’s ability and learning power.

Experience and Education

The React Native Candidate has at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent studies. Every software candidate studies programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, Linux, CSS, and others and begins learning in the Bachelor’s Program, which allows them to earn additional certification and skills in development and have a bright future ahead of them. React Native candidates must have 2–5 years of experience in the field because the React Native coding stage is challenging and conceptual, and they should know native building tools like XCode, Gradle, etc. And they have experience in testing with tools like Jest, Detox, etc., which are essential in the field of native coding.


The React Native candidate should build their resume or CV through the job description mentioned above. The companies will match your resume with the company’s profile and, check your suitability, then call for an interview. After passing these recruitment criteria, the candidate will be successfully hired as a React Native Employee.


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