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Become a React expert with our comprehensive collection of React Practice Exercises. Designed to challenge and improve your knowledge of React, the popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces, our exercises cover a wide range of topics and are perfect for both beginners and experienced developers. Whether you’re looking to build dynamic and responsive web applications or expand your front-end skills, our exercises will help you master React and take your skills to the next level. Start practicing today and become a React pro!

ReactJs Basic Practice Exercises

Here are five basic ReactJS exercises you can try:

  1. Create a React component that displays your name and a brief message about yourself.
  2. Create a to-do list application with add and delete functionality.
  3. Create a weather app that fetches data from a weather API and displays the current temperature and weather conditions for a specific location.
  4. Create a form that takes in a name and email address and displays the entered data below the form.
  5. Create a calculator that can perform basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).

These exercises should help you get started with ReactJS and build your foundational skills.

ReactJs Advance Practice Exercises

Here are five advanced ReactJS exercises you can try:

  1. Create a real-time chat application using React and WebSockets.
  2. Create a dashboard that visualizes data from an API, such as data about stocks or weather.
  3. Create a reusable modal component that can be used throughout your application.
  4. Create a carousel component that cycles through a list of images.
  5. Create a multi-step form, where each step is a separate component and the form’s progress is tracked and displayed to the user.

These exercises will help you take your ReactJS skills to the next level and build complex, production-ready applications.


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