RPA Job Description (JD) Sample


An RPA developer draws workflow diagrams to systematically document the operations before automating them. This action simplifies the entire business procedure. Coding expertise is necessary because an RPA developer may also be responsible for testing or bug fixes. A proficient RPA developer is familiar with RPA tools like UiPath and Blue Prism.

An RPA developer’s roles and duties include conceptualizing, creating, and putting new RPA systems into use. Advanced automation technology, known as RPA, is intended to increase corporate productivity and efficiency. RPA is incredibly adaptable and has already started to change business models in various global industries, including healthcare, finance, and supply chain.

Although RPA systems automate tasks, they still need the assistance of highly qualified RPA Development teams to maintain and enhance them.

Responsibilities and Job Requirements

  • Advise on process design.
  • Automation processes should be designed, developed, and tested.
  • Release RPA components, such as logging software, development tools, and code repositories.
  • Must be Aid in the introduction and application of RPA systems.
  • Make user and process documentation.
  • Ensure the automation’s quality (QA processes).
  • To create and deliver projects that significantly impact the business, collaborate with business analysts, scrum masters, QA analysts, product owners, and other cross-functional employees.
  • Directly engage stakeholders in capturing business requirements and converting them into technically implementable methods and designs.
  • Work with the development team members to ensure the solutions are implemented and integrated correctly.
  • Outside working hours, assist with deployments or fix production issues while taking turns being on call.

Education and Experience

  • Education qualification is needed in B.tech or relevant courses.
  • Working knowledge of RPA tools and cognitive platforms like Automation, UiPath, Blue Prism, etc. Experience with UiPath is strongly recommended.
  • 2+ years of programming experience in any language, including C/C++, Python, VB Script, Ruby, Java, JS, and .Net.
  • Basic familiarity with HTML and JavaScript is required.
  • Technical specification documentation for RPA projects can be designed.
  • Knowledge of creating and using APIs.
  • Certifications as an UiPath RPA Developer are encouraged but not necessary.
  • Knowledge of the Agile development process.
  • Database (SQL or NoSQL) experience is frequently preferred.
  • Understanding of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Comprehension of reasoning based on workflows.
  • Strong analytical and detail-oriented talents.

Work hours and Benefits

The robotic process automation salary that qualified RPA developers can earn is alluring, given how much the digital transformation has affected and improved almost every element of life.

RPA developers are currently among the highest-paid IT specialists for this reason. The job’s location, level of experience, and nature will all affect the robotic process automation wage.

  • RPA developers earn an average yearly salary of about $80,179 in the United States.
  • An RPA lead developer typically earns $112,284 yearly in the United States.
  • The typical salary for an RPA consultant is $87,434


The individual is qualified to apply because the company has posted the requirements for a fresh batch on its official website. The individual can deliver a résumé and some requirements for education. The candidate will be eligible for an interview after passing the initial exam. The hiring decision will be sent to the applicant by mail, and following the same additional steps can be taken accordingly.



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