Welcome to the RPA Quiz! Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a rapidly growing field that is transforming the way businesses operate by automating repetitive tasks using software robots. As RPA becomes increasingly popular, it’s important to have a solid understanding of the key concepts, tools, and best practices. This quiz is designed to test your knowledge and help you identify areas where you may need to focus your learning. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced RPA professional, get ready to put your knowledge to the test and see how well you know the world of RPA. Good luck!


RPA Quiz

The RPA Quiz is a fun and challenging way to test your knowledge of Robotic Process Automation.

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Pega systems was introduced in

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AntWork is a

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Stastical Quality control is used by _________ to provide accuracy to the work output.

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Automation Anywhere provides services such as

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Which of the following is not among the three software of blue prism?

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Which is the essential requirement for bot runner in RPA?

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Blue prism pvt Lmt is a ____ based company.

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______ provides high flexiblity and return of investment (ROI).

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Web scrapers convert data into CSV? What is the full form of CSV?

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Which is the process that is used to extract large amount of data from websites?

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Which of the following is a RPA tool?

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Which technology can be implemented across different enviroments?

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RPA is easy to implement.

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RPA is a ______ technology

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The NICE system is also known as

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WinAutomation provides

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Work fusion is a _______ cloud computing platform that monitores data feed and manage crowd.

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_________ is a RPA tool that provides virtual workforce.

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Which of the following is not the advantage of RPA?

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Which technology was a step towards the creation of RPA?

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Who first coined the term RPA?

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VB.net is a language developed by

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Which is the best programming language for RPA UI path?

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Which programming language is not used in RPA?

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_______ is a tool in RPA that is used for management, deployment and building of robots.

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_______ is a type of bot that resides on the user’s machine.

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Which of the following is not a type of RPA?

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How many types of RPA are there?

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_______ can generate meaningful data from any format and has predictive capbilites.

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What is the full form of RPA?


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