Salary of a Java Developer

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Preface – This post is part of the Salary series.

Salary of a Java Developer


With a staggering nine million developers, Java is one of the most well-liked and widely used scripting languages. Java is renowned for its rapid processor speed in desktop, smartphone, and software applications and computer games. It is utilized to create software and web-based applications for various platforms. Java’s success is mainly due to how simple it is for beginners to use, even though it takes practice to become proficient.
An aspirant with a degree in computer science, mathematics, information systems, or a closely related discipline can work as a Java developer. Computer science is typically the most sought-after degree since it demands workers to do duties related to computer architecture, writing skills, statistics, database administration, and data structures.
In this article, we will discuss the Salary of a Java Developer.


As a Java Developer, you will be given these responsibilities:

  • Aspects of Java programs must be designed, implemented, and maintained by a java developer.
  • Participate in software development and architectural efforts.
  • Perform software testing, analysis, programming, and debugging.
  • Identify difficulties with production and non-production applications.
  • Convert demands into constraints.
  • Software development, testing, implementation, and maintenance are the main tasks.
  • Suggest modifications to improve well-established Java application processes.
  • Create technical blueprints for the creation of apps.
  • Create Java program code for apps.


  • Regarding technology and computer languages, Java is the most popular platform. It is used to develop a wide range of programs for laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other embedded systems. Indian Java programmers have a promising future.
  • India is reacting to the changes brought about by automation and the rising use of digital technologies in the $150 billion global IT services outsourcing business.
  • The People’s Popularity of Programming Language index is used to rank the popularity of languages. Even though Java and PHP continue to be the most frequent search terms, Python, JavaScript, R, and Swift are rising in popularity in India, according to instructional searches.
  • Numerous analyses of the most widely used programming language worldwide point to one glaring trend: Java and JavaScript continue to rule the coding world.
  • Government efforts like Digital India and Demonetization would increase the demand for Java programmers within any organization going digital.

Salary of a Java Developer in India (INR)

Fresher4.2 LPA
Junior Developer9 LPA
Senior Developer45 LPA

Salary of a Java Developer in Singapore (SGD)

Fresher60K PA
Junior Developer78K PA
Senior Developer96K PA

Salary of a Java Developer in the USA (USD)

Fresher48.5K PA
Junior Developer78.2K PA
Senior Developer153K PA

Salary of a Java Developer in Britain (GBP)

Fresher42K PA
Junior Developer55K PA
Senior Developer95K PA

Salary of a Java Developer in Europe (EURO)

Fresher30K PA
Junior Developer55K PA
Senior Developer130K PA

Salary of a Java Developer in Australia (AUD)

Fresher70K PA
Junior Developer90K PA
Senior Developer150K PA

Note: Here, PA stands for Per Annum, i.e., Annual Income.




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