Salary of Data Analyst

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Preface – This post is part of the Salary series.

Salary of Data Analyst


Many problems are evolving worldwide that need to be resolved and provided an answer. A data analyst gathers, purifies, and analyses data sets to search the solutions. They work in various fields, including government, commerce, finance, law enforcement, and research.
=Data analysis is preparing, analyzing, analyzing, and presenting data using different techniques and business intelligence tools. You can use data analysis tools to find meaningful insights to help you make more wise and effective decisions. It converts unprocessed data into valuable statistics, knowledge, and explanations.
In this article, we will discuss the Salary of Data Analyst.


As a Data Analyst, you will be given these responsibilities:

  • Create procedures and guidelines for document management.
  • Determine where process automation and productivity can be improved.
  • Automate data processes and sustain them.
  • Find, assess, and use technologies and services that enable data validation and cleaning.
  • Create key performance metrics and monitor them.
  • Create and promote reporting procedures.
  • Observe and evaluate the data’s quality.
  • Utilizing the proper tools and approaches, collect, comprehend, and record specific business needs.
  • Surveys are created, carried out, and their results are analyzed.
  • Analyze, examine, and decipher complex data sets relevant to the employer’s industry.
  • Utilize reporting tools for business intelligence and create reports for internal and external customers.
  • Make data visualization tools, graphs, and displays.
  • Benchmark for the sector and your competitors.
  • Using a toolkit, mine and analyze massive datasets, make reliable findings, and effectively convey them to the administration.


India’s massive data analytics market is reaching a high. It is expected to reach US$ 118.7 billion by 2026, expanding steadily due to the government’s push for digitalization and the development of new data centers. By 2026, it is believed that the data analytics sector will have produced over 11 million new employment and increased investments in AI and machine learning by 33.49% just in 2022. Industry 4.0 is expected to be significantly influenced by India’s data analytics sector, which will also likely lead to significant job growth and improved living conditions.

You can make a career growth from the position of Data Analyst to that of Analyst II, Senior Analyst, Data Scientist, or even Chief Technology Officer. As per the growth of the job profile, there is also financial growth.

Salary of a Data Analyst in India (INR)

Fresher4.3 LPA
Junior Developer6.6 LPA
Senior Developer11.4 LPA

Salary of a Data Analyst in Singapore (SGD)

Fresher45K PA
Junior Developer56K PA
Senior Developer92K PA

Salary of a Data Analyst in the USA (USD)

Fresher68K PA
Junior Developer79K PA
Senior Developer101K PA

Salary of a Data Analyst in Britain (GBP)

Fresher45.7K PA
Junior Developer49K PA
Senior Developer78K PA

Salary of a Data Analyst in Europe (EURO)

Fresher42.2K PA
Junior Developer55K PA
Senior Developer178K PA+

Salary of a Data Analyst in Australia (AUD)

Fresher90K PA
Junior Developer105K PA
Senior Developer140K PA

Note: Here, PA stands for Per Annum, i.e., Annual Income.



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