Salary of Front-End Developer

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Preface – This post is part of the Salary series.

Salary of Front-End Developer


A front-end developer is a head or responsible for creating brand-new user-facing features, choosing the layout and designs of web pages, creating reusable code, accelerating page load times, and working with various markup languages to build the pages.
Along with back-end developers, graphic designers, and user experience designers, front-end developers collaborate in teams. Based on the corporate structure, they typically answer to the Project Manager.
In this article, we will discuss the Salary of a Front-End Developer.


As a Front-End Developer, you will be given these responsibilities:

  • For upkeeping and improving the website, the required software should be optimized for speed.
  • Design details for mobile devices
  • Quality is improved by working with back-end developers and web designers.
  • Obtain input from users and customers and create solutions with their help.
  • Create guides and files for functional requirements
  • Make high-quality prototypes and mockups.
  • Assistance with coding and troubleshooting for back-end developers
  • Ensure brand coherence and high-quality graphic standards.
  • Keep up with new technological developments.


Connecting the website design and back-end development, front-end development is a crucial component. Back-end development, on the other hand, refers to the areas of your website that handle content and administration. Website design refers to your website’s mission, appearance, and personality. Managing the user’s experience falls under the purview of front-end development. It aids in developing the structural elements of application development that are actually in charge of how any user interacts with the website, including how they read the content and even what they do on it. In addition to assisting in developing an easily navigable website, a solid front end with a straightforward design also reduces the likelihood of misunderstanding. The whole explanation is one of the primary causes of the rising demand for front-end developers and Designers in the IT industry. The high front-end web developer salary that goes along with it is this.

Salary of Front End Developer in India (INR)

Fresher4.2 LPA
Junior Developer7.7 LPA
Senior Developer12 LPA

Salary of Front End Developer in Singapore (SGD)

Fresher$ 50.4K PA
Junior Developer$ 68.4K PA
Senior Developer$ 96.0K PA

Salary of Front End Developer in USA (USD)

Fresher$62.8K PA
Junior Developer$ 80.3K PA
Senior Developer$ 120K PA

Salary of Front End Developer in Britain (GBP)

Fresher40K PA
Junior Developer65K PA
Senior Developer96K PA

Salary of Front End Developer in Europe (EURO)

Fresher72K PA
Junior Developer90K PA
Senior Developer114K PA

Salary of Front-End Developer in Australia (AUD)

Fresher100K PA
Junior Developer120K PA
Senior Developer152K PA

Note: Here, PA stands for Per Annum, i.e., Annual Income.



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