Salary of Power BI Developer

Salary of Power BI Developer

Preface – This post is part of the Salary series.

Salary of Power BI Developer


Microsoft offers a business analytics service called Power BI that lets you share insights and view data. To create dynamic dashboards and Business Intelligence reports, it transforms data from many sources. We have some sales figures in an excel spreadsheet, as you can see above. Power BI assists you in creating various charts and graphs to visualize the data using this data.
A story can be told on a single page using the Power BI Dashboard. A dashboard’s visualizations are produced from reports, and each piece of information is based on a single dataset. Canvas is the name given to a one-page dashboard. A finance dashboard posted to the Power BI Service is shown below.
In this article, we will discuss the Salary of a Power BI Developer.


As a Power BI Developer, you will be given these responsibilities:

  • Recognize business needs in a BI context and create models that transform raw data into insightful information.
  • Using Power BI, create dashboards and interactive visual reports.
  • Determine key performance indicators (KPIs) with distinct objectives and regularly observe them.
  • Making charts and documenting data to illustrate models, parameters, and relationships
  • Create new definitions and implement tactical/technical modifications to improve current business intelligence systems.
  • Work on performance improvements and ideas with users and team members at all levels.


A recent survey found that around 18K+ businesses use Power BI, accounting for 5.8% of the market. Software and IT firms, the hospitality sector, the financial sector, management consulting services, retail sectors, and the hiring & recruitment sector are the sectors that mostly employ Power BI as data visualizations. As a result, Power BI is a popular data visualization tool in most well-known businesses.

In India, over a thousand businesses use Power BI, which will soon overtake all other products for data visualization.

Our information indicates that Power BI will soon rank among the most popular products. One of the primary features is that it functions and appears like an advanced version of Excel, making it simple and adaptable for users to use without too many problems.

A career in the field of Power BI will probably be one of the most in-demand careers in India and globally shortly.

Salary of a Power BI Developer in India (INR)


Fresher 4.2 LPA
Junior Developer 6.8 LPA
Senior Developer 18 LPA


Salary of a Power BI Developer in Singapore (SGD)


Fresher 50.2 LPA
Junior Developer 63K PA
Senior Developer 82K PA


Salary of a Power BI Developer in the USA (USD)


Fresher 90K PA
Junior Developer 105K PA
Senior Developer 133.2K PA


Salary of a Power BI Developer in Britain (GBP)


Fresher 45K PA
Junior Developer 58.8K PA
Senior Developer 90.3K PA


Salary of a Power BI Developer in Europe (EURO)


Fresher 37K PA
Junior Developer 46K PA
Senior Developer 85K PA


Salary of a Power BI Developer in Australia (AUD)


Fresher 100K PA
Junior Developer 145K PA
Senior Developer 227K PA

Note: Here, PA stands for Per Annum, i.e., Annual Income.



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