Salesforce Interview Questions

Salesforce is a top customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps users in marketing, sales, commerce, and service. Its services allow businesses to use cloud technology to better connect with partners and potential customers.

We can think of our future with Salesforce because it provides us with endless possibilities. It is the platform that creates access to opportunities for lifelong learners obsessed with innovation and passionate about building a better world for others.

If you prepare for an interview related to Salesforce, you will get all types of material in this blog. We will provide you with several interview questions sourced from Salesforce experts.

Salesforce Interview Questions for Freshers

  1. What is the role of Salesforce?
  2. What are the various subsidiaries of Salesforce?
  3. What is an object in Salesforce?
  4. What do you know about an App in context with Salesforce?
  5. What are the different types of applications that can be created with Salesforce?
  6. Name salesforce standard fields?
  7. What do you understand by Audit Fields?
  8. Name the latest field you have worked in Salesforce.
  9. What are the various types of reports available in Salesforce?
  10. Explain the Audit trail.
  11. List some of the benefits of using Salesforce CRM.
  12. What is a profile? Do multiple users exist with the same profile?
  13. Differentiate between role and profile.
  14. What are the types of relationships in Salesforce?
  15. Explain Master-Detail Relationship?
  16. Explain “Lookup Relationship”?
  17. What do you understand by External lookup?
  18. Define self-relationship.
  19. Explain the workflow in Salesforce.
  20. What is meant by “Transfer record” in profile?
  21. What is SOQL?
  22. Why is Bulkification a best practice?
  23. Do you think Salesforce is a good career option?
  24. Explain the role and responsibilities of a Salesforce developer.
  25. What are your salary expectations for this Salesforce job?

Salesforce Intermediate Interview Questions

  1. How many records can be shown in tabular and summary reports?
  2. How many MDR fields can be created in an object?
  3. What can a maximum number of lookup relationship fields be created in an object?
  4. What is the function of undelete option available?
  5. Is it possible to develop an MDR on those objects where we already have records? If yes, how?
  6. How can we access the user license information in Salesforce Org?
  7. Is it possible to delete a user in Salesforce?
  8. What is an object relationship overview?
  9. How will you create many too many relationships in Salesforce?
  10. What do you understand by permission sets?
  11. Explain sharing rule.
  12. What is meant by Fiscal year in Salesforce?
  13. Give some examples of custom fields.
  14. Name the different ways to store various types of records in Salesforce.
  15. Highlight the differences between the data table and page block table tags.
  16. What are the various things that can contribute to data loss in Salesforce?
  17. Explain the junction object and what is its use.
  18. What is the approach of Salesforce in tracking sales details?
  19. Is it possible to schedule a dynamic dashboard in Salesforce?
  20. What are the various ways to share a record?

Salesforce Apex Interview Questions

  1. What is an apex interface?
  2. Where can users use apex?
  3. Explain the working of the apex.
  4. What is the role of the apex in the Salesforce?
  5. What are the different ways to call the Apex class?
  6. Explain various methods of batch apex class.
  7. Explain apex email service.
  8. Describe apex programming language.
  9. Explain Map class in Apex salesforce.
  10. Explain Batch Apex in Salesforce.
  11. Define apex scheduler.
  12. Explain the apex trigger in Salesforce.
  13. What do you know about apex transactions?
  14. Explain the types of apex triggers in Salesforce.
  15. Explain apex-managed sharing.
  16. What is the use of the apex program on the Visual Force page?
  17. Explain Sandbox in Salesforce.
  18. When can a user use Sandbox?
  19. Explain the multitenant architecture of Salesforce.
  20. Explain static resources.

Salesforce Admin Interview Questions

  1. Explain the Roll-up summary field.
  2. Explain Queues.
  3. Define Escalation rules.
  4. Explain Validation rules.
  5. What are the primary components of workflow?
  6. Explain time-dependent workflow.
  7. Define workflow tasks and workflow alerts.
  8. Explain Auto-Response.
  9. Explain Custom Labels.
  10. Define sharing rules and their types.
  11. Describe Governor Limits.
  12. Define the Approval process.
  13. Elucidate the importance of Salesforce Chatter.
  14. Define Guest users.
  15. Explain Change Set.

Salesforce Developer Interview Questions

  1. Define Apex test coverage.
  2. Explain LMS, i.e., Lightning Message Service.
  3. Explain OAuth.
  4. Explain Connected App.
  5. Highlight the significance of Outbound Message.
  6. Explain the users of External ID fields.
  7. What is the way of creating partial page refreshes?
  8. Explain component and application events.
  9. Explain Pagination and how we can achieve it.
  10. Explain how you will display error messages on the Visual Force Page.
  11. Differentiate between Custom Objects and Custom Settings?
  12. Is it possible to customize the apex in a production organization?
  13. Define Bucket Fields.
  14. What is the difference between isNull and black?
  15. How does Salesforce implement Sales tracking?
  16. Explain the methods of the Batch Apex Class.
  17. Name the different types of Bindings.
  18. Define Developer Console.
  19. Explain about reRender Attribute Tag.
  20. What is the role of the Salesforce Administrator?


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