Salesforce Licenses


Salesforce provides multiple editions and licenses to give the users the accessibility of specific or general functionality and features of the software.

What are Salesforce Licenses?

Salesforce Licenses in Salesforce are the permissions that give complete access to a user for a specific feature. We have four editions in salesforce to suit various business needs.

These licenses can be used by individual users, teams, or large organizations depending upon the functionality needed.

It’s kind of an agreement between Salesforce and a customer which defines the functionality for org.

Types of Salesforce Licenses

Now, to access the general Salesforce features, users need to have a standard user license. Salesforce has given other types of licenses as well, like feature or Permission set licenses.

Following are the available Salesforce licenses.

1. User License:

The basic or standard license provided by Salesforce allows users to access basic or general features respective to the Salesforce edition.

Users cannot be created without any license. In other words, there is a single license per user in our Salesforce org.

2. Permission Set License:

This license gives additional or extended access to the users to get the features that aren’t supported by the User License.

The admin can decide to choose the number of permission sets a user should have.

3. Feature License:

Like the Permission Set License, the feature license allows users to access additional features which are available in the Salesforce org and not included in the user license including Marketing User, and Offline User.

4. Usage-based Entitlements:

They are limited resources made available periodically to the users or organizations.

How to check the License Type?

To determine the available licenses,

1. Go to Setup
2. Type ‘Company’ in the quick find the search box
3. Click on Company Information

Here, we can see all the available licenses for the company.

Salesforce User Licenses

Here, let’s try to understand the various user licenses in salesforce.

1. Salesforce:

Users with Salesforce licenses are able to access standard CRM and custom applications as well. It allows users to access all the features in the standard CRM.

2. Salesforce Platform:

Users with Salesforce Platform License are able to access only the custom functionality or features. It doesn’t allow users to access standard CRM. We have 3 Platform Licenses in Developer Edition.

3. Lightning Platform:

It is also known as app. It is not accessible by new users, and its functionality is mainly for Unlimited and Enterprise editions.

It is for those users who need access to one custom application and doesn’t need standard CRM functionality.

4. Knowledge – Only User:

With the help of this, users can access the Salesforce Knowledge application. This license is available in Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance editions.

It allows authorization to tabs like Reports, Articles, Chatter, Profile, etc.


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