Salesforce Lightning Component Framework


Salesforce Lightning Component Framework was started in 2018. It was one of the best things from salesforce that offers very unique User Interface. We can build LWC components (Lightning Web Components) using the latest version of JavaScript.

Salesforce Lightning Component Framework

It is a UI framework used to create Lightning components and place them on salesforce applications, they are reusable and managed easily on the page. We can create User Interface using two models, one is Lightning Web Components and the other is Aura Components. While Aura Components is advanced but it is bit tough to build. Nowadays LWC is getting better and better and developers have less need to move to Aura.

Supported JavaScript

To ensure the applications stay up to date the framework supports the latest version of the JavaScript to go through the latest features and stay ahead.

Supported Browsers

As the code we write runs in the browser, knowing the supported browsers is very important. So, to be clear it supports the same browsers as lightning experience supports which means it supports all the latest versions of Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Lightning Component Library

A Lightning Component Library is rich with the knowledge for a developer to build the Lightning Component. We can refer to this in two places, one is a public website where you can go without any authentication and the other is the one connected to your org which is authenticated, here the difference is you get some additional features in the authenticated one.

Why Use the Lightning Component Framework?

Salesforce has completely changed the development and added new features to the salesforce applications. That is using Lightning Components Framework to create Lightning Components. It is also useful in creating applications faster.

We will learn more about the development using this framework in next articles.



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