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We use the Salesforce setup to customize, configure and support your org. You can find everything you need from A to Z in the setup area. Knowing how to navigate Setup and finding what you need can be considered your steppingstone into Salesforce. Setup is available both in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience, but we’ll be focusing only on Lightning Experience for now.

How to reach the Setup Home

It’s as simple as this, find the gear icon on the top-right corner of your org, and click on it to find a drop-down menu with Setup available just a click away. Hooray! We’re one step closer to navigating setup.

Navigating Setup

Now that we just clicked on ‘Setup’, we’re directed to the Setup Home. It may seem intimidating but let me break it down for you. Salesforce Setup Area has mainly 3 components just as the image below suggests.

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  1. Object Manager – You can find all the standard and custom objects in your org in the Object Manager. You can view and customize your objects here.
  2. Setup Menu – Gives you everything you need from managing your users to viewing Company Info all available by simply typing into the Quick Find menu to reach there quicker! The menu also has quick links to everything you need. So instead of typing into the quick find menu, you can always expand the appropriate menu to find what you need, if you know where to look. I always prefer the former though, gets the job done quicker!
  3. Main Window – Here you can view what you’re currently working on, in the image above you see the Setup home page.

Setup Menu

If it caught your eye, you may have noticed that the Setup Menu has three main categories – Administration, Platform Tools, and Settings.

Administration – This is where you manage your users and data, everything from adding new users to importing/ export of data takes place here. You can add users, freeze or deactivate users, create permission sets, manage users, import/export data, and customize/manage email templates, to name a few.

Platform Tools – This section deals with most of the customizations, configuration, and development features you can perform on the Salesforce Platform. You can create apps, modify the user interfaces, perform process automation and so much more here.

Settings – Mainly house your company information and org security. You can view and manage your Company Information, Business Hours, Health checks and so much more in Settings.


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