Salesforce Products


Salesforce in 1999 started just with a Sales cloud and later introduced Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. By the success of introducing these clouds, it started adding more clouds and here are they, leading cloud CRM in the world.

Salesforce Products

●       Salesforce Sales Cloud

This is the first cloud introduced with the salesforce. It is the most used cloud in the salesforce CRM to increase the customer base. It has main objects like Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and opportunity. From generating new leads to closing the deals, the entire sales process is managed by this cloud.

●       Salesforce Marketing Cloud

In the Marketing Cloud, we have different studios like Email studio, Advertising studio which help in marketing the company and products in many ways and generate leads.

●       Salesforce Service Cloud

This Cloud is very important for the companies after sales, it provides a seamless experience to the customers and deals excellently with the cases.

●       Salesforce Community Cloud

Community cloud is a platform where customers and employees collaborate and discuss their ideas and problems.

●       Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The Commerce cloud just provide you the best ecommerce experience. Customers who purchases the products online finds it very useful and the company also can keep track of all the data in a simple way.

●       Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Analytics cloud simply analyse the data and provide the insights. By using these insights we can easily understand the problem and find solutions.

●       Salesforce App Cloud

Generally creating an app takes a lot of time and work, but using salesforce App cloud we can build the app in minutes and deploy them and then focus on the business.

●       Salesforce IoT Cloud

This IoT cloud is the very interesting one. Imagine all you devices used in a company are possibly integrated and share data which we can see at one place. And now yes, salesforce IoT cloud does it.

●       Salesforce Health Cloud

Salesforce Health Cloud had gained a lot of popularity. It has a wide range of availability from filling the patient forms to interacting with the doctor for their medication everything is integrated into one place.


  • Salesforce Education cloud

Salesforce Education cloud is very useful for all educational institutions to track their student’s performance. Even students and parents can easily collaborate with lectures regarding the student’s performance.


  • Financial service cloud

Financial Service cloud is mostly used by the Banking sectors to provide their customers with great experience and the best service to them. Customers and employees feel convenient by collaborating flawlessly.


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