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Salesforce1 and Salesforce lightning are in-demand Salesforce platforms that are used by Salesforce Admin, BA, or Developers, especially those people who are involved in the mobile application development for Salesforce to build apps quickly without writing any code.

What is Salesforce1 Lightning?

Salesforce1 is a mobile application development-based platform that allows administrators, developers, and users to create something new. It provides a new set of tools to integrate data, build applications and automate processes at a fast pace.

There are four tools that got better and are now widely available with the Spring’15 release.

  1. Lightning Connect: used for integration with external systems
  2. Lightning App Builder: a visual UI
  3. Lightning Process Builder: a process maker
  4. Lightning Components: reusable building blocks

Lightning Connect

It’s a quick way to integrate data into any external data source. It establishes a real-time integration to the database, which is present externally, which makes it more extensible.

Lightning Components

Lightning Component is a framework that is used to build dynamic User Interfaces, available for tablets, phones, and desktops. Salesforce1 mobile application was also developed with Lightning Components, and now, developers and admins can use this framework to build their own components or applications that can be used in the Salesforce1 mobile app.

Lightning App Builder

With the help of Lightning App Builder, developers can build a flexible and powerful custom user interface for applications that are completely responsive to all tabs, mobiles, and desktops. In Lightning App Builder, we can create applications with drag-and-drop tools or components and also can create UIs for multiple devices for Salesforce1 Applications

Lightning Process Builder

Lightning Process Builder is an easy-to-use graphical process automation lightning tool that is developed in a lightning environment to build complex workflows with a few clicks without any code.

Using this, we can create a process instead of multiple workflow rules, create records, update records, create tasks, post to chatter, send custom notifications, etc., without writing a code.



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