SAP Production Planning (PP)

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SAP Production Planning (PP)

SAP Production planning as the name suggests deals with planning processes such as material planning, capacity planning, production order, and bill of material and goods movement. It is the process of fulfilling demands with the manufacturing capacity. It tracks and makes a note of the manufacturing process flows, for example the target and actual costs. It is integrated with other SAP modules such as MM, SD, FI, QM and PM.

There are two types of production processes in SAP PP:

  1. Discrete Production: In this kind of production, the product and costs keep changing according to the orders and lots.
  2. Repetitive Production or Production industries: In this kind of production, the product does not change for a long period of time. It is not dependent on orders as production takes place in total quantity.

The process of production execution is as follows:

  1. Convert planned order to production order: This is the first step. When a production order is created, its SAP is defined in the system
  2. Issue the production order: Unless the issuing of the production order is done, it cannot be executed.
  3. Issue goods for production order: after the order is issued, the goods need to be issued for execution of the order. Once it is done, the document number is updated in the system.
  4. Production order confirmation: All the remaining sub processes are executed according to the required operations to finish the production as per the order
  5. Goods receipt with respect to Production order: Once the production order is complete, the produced goods are placed the storage area.

SAP Production Planning

Some important tables in SAP Production Planning are:

MDKP -> Document header Data

MDTB -> Table structure

S094 -> Stock analysis

PLAF -> Planned order details

S026 -> Material Usage

Some basic Transaction codes in SAP Production Planning module are:

 MD25 -> Create planning calendar

MD26 -> Change planning calendar

MD27 -> Display planning calendar

MEQ1 -> Maintain quota file





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