Tech Mahindra Job Description (JD) Sample


Tech Mahindra is a symbol of the networked world, providing cutting-edge and customer-focused information and technology experiences that help businesses, associates, and society as a whole advance. With 117,600+ employees working in 90 countries and a USD 4.4 billion market cap, we support over 840 international clients, including Fortune 500 companies. To provide real business value and perfection to our stakeholders, tech Mahindra convergent digital design experiences, innovation platforms, and reusable assets attach across various technologies. According to Forbes’ 2016 list of the Fab 50 Asian companies, Tech Mahindra is one of them.

With a combined market capitalization of USD 19 billion, the Mahindra Group is a confederation of corporates that provides innovative mobility solutions to lift people out of poverty, improve urban living, support communities, and promote rural prosperity. It is the largest firm in the world by volume and a market leader in India’s holiday ownership, utility vehicles, information systems, financial services, and financial markets. Additionally, it has a significant presence in various industries, including agribusiness, components, commercial vehicles, consulting services, energy, industrial equipment, logistics, real estate, steel, aerospace, defence, and two-wheelers. With its headquarters in India, Mahindra has over 200,000 employees working for it in 100 different nations.

Responsibilities and Job Requirements

  • In projects, including development, application support and maintenance, testing, managed services, etc.
  • As per the corporation-specified work timing, including shift working.
  • In any work, including development, application assistance and maintenance, testing, managed services, etc.
  • Take orders, cancel them, or get information about complaints.
  • Keep track of all communications with customers, purchases, and inquiries.
  • Complaints, remarks, and actions, as well.
  • Complete forms, applications, and orders.
  • Ensure that the proper steps are taken in response to customer requests.
  • Send special requests or unresolved customer complaints to the appropriate departments for further investigation.

Education and Experience

There are various field options available in both technical and non-technical domains. The need is to find the best-suited profile for which maximum skills match. For each domain or profile need for education is different. Such as for technical domains, it is necessary to be a scholar or related courses. The job profiles are also available for both freshers and experienced persons. Freshers need to have less experience or hands-on experience with the domains. But skilled aspirants must be experienced in the field they will apply for.

Work hours and Benefits

At Tech Mahindra, we firmly believe that while technology makes it possible, people are ultimately responsible for making it so. Tech Mahindra wants to foster a culture where employees are free to look for ways to connect, collaborate, and enjoy. While we have developed numerous initiatives to “Connect Associates’ aspirations to achievements,” we have indeed consciously promoted a co-creative culture at Tech Mahindra by encouraging experimentation and new methods of operation. Finally, we have made celebrating a way of life at the company by ensuring that work and personal life are seamlessly integrated.


Apply for the relevant job profile with your skills on the official sites whenever an opening is announced. Patiently follow the procedure for hiring.



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