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As a beginner in a language, we are often occupied with the questions, how can I be consistent in learning this language, how I can achieve my goals. In this article, we will discuss several learning strategies to keep you motivated and achieve your goal in programing.

Here are some tips to help grow in a new programing language and make you stick to it.

Tip 1: Jot down what motivates you to learn Python

Before starting to learn any programing language discover what motivates you to learn it. Because going down the line many programmers lose the interest to stick with learning, jotting down the reason of motivation to learn helps to refresh your mind time to time and keeps you well motivated.

The reason can be anything, it can be the game which you played and wanted to develop you own, it can be the motivation to develop your business online, and it can be the interest to go down in Artificial Intelligence or Data Science.

Write down the area of interest:

  • Machine Learning / Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence / Sensors
  • Mobile application
  • Web application
  • Games

Tip 2: Learn Basics

To go down in python, we have to learn the basics of python syntax. As a developer, we cannot skip this step as it is a block to the final product. But we should also keep in mind to give it minimum amount of time as quickly moving forward with the project the faster you will learn.

Tip 3: Code every day

It is well said, “Practice makes the man perfect”. Consistency in coding and practical implementation of what you have learnt will master you in coding.

Tip 4: Write it out

It is widely said that to retain the knowledge for a longer period of time, write down the things you have learnt.  This works well for coding also. Keeping the notes handy is beneficial in the long-term.

Tip 5: Study with others

Practical implementation of programming is the key to become pro in coding. It is also important to surround yourself with the people who are also learning the same thing. By learning together, you grow together. Sharing ideas, queries, learning allows you to learn from each other and this will go a long way in shaping the coding skill.

Tip 6: Take break

Taking a break while learning helps to absorb the learnt things and gives you time to figure out the new things as well. When learning new things try to keep study breaks for the fresh start of a new chapter.

Tip 7: Ask questions

While learning you will come across several questions and doubts. Ask questions as often as possible. Ask questions from yourself, from the people you are learning with, ask form your surroundings. Asking questions helps you to discover new aspects and new ideas and it will also increase the communication skill.

Teach others about your learning. This is the best practice to move forward in learning.

Tip 8: Build out of the box

Start building with small projects then move to enhance it with your skills. Add the attributes to your project. Think out of the box to enhance your project to make it stand out from others. This will increase your thinking capabilities and you will discover something new.

Tip 9: Keep track of updates

Learning is important but keeping in contact with the latest upgrade is also important to master a language. With the rise in the competition in the market, you have to stand out by upgrading yourself with the upgrading technological changes.


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