Traditional CRM vs SalesForce CRM

Traditional CRM Introduction

After viewing the cloud-based CRM’s it seems very complicated to see the traditional CRM. It’s because all the Hardware and Software components and requirements along with the servers, Databases and their maintenance is been completely on the company.  Even the setup itself takes a long time and concentration on the business problems becomes hard for the company. Completely it is a headache of cost, maintenance and is time-consuming.

SalesForce CRM Introduction

SalesForce CRM is a completely cloud-based CRM that basically to avoid all the above mentioned problems effortlessly. As I say all the above mentioned problems, yes, all the problems. That is why all the companies try to afford Salesforce CRM as it has its Sales, Service, Marketing, etc, all these clouds are integrated efficiently and provide seamless performance. On the other hand, Salesforce CRM is the #1 CRM available in the market today.

Difference between Traditional CRM and SalesForce CRM


Traditional CRM SalesForce CRM
Set up All the hardware and software required for building a CRM is to be set up by company itself. All the hardware and software are seamlessly provided by Salesforce to the company through cloud.
Time It takes 6 months to 12 months to build complete application. Its takes a time of Subscription to get basic application and months to develop advanced.
Cost Huge cost and not predictable Less cost with fixed and predictable.
Updates It costs them extra for any update to make on Traditional CRM. Guaranteed three updates a year for latest features.
Developers Traditional application developers develop the application. Salesforce applications are developed by Salesforce application Developers.
Development Complete development is by programing languages. Declarative and programing approach both are there.
Productivity Less productivity due to software maintenance headaches. High productivity due to up to date upgrades with no worries.
Integration Everything is not integrated From gaining leads to closing deals and collaboration between the employees everything is integrated.



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