Understanding WordPress Admin Panel


WordPress is a website developing software. It helps you to design, modify, and host your website. You can build your website without touching the WordPress database. Using WordPress is easy because of its user-friendly admin panel. In this article, we will see the basics of the WordPress admin panel.

How to access the WordPress Admin panel

Accessing the WordPress admin panel is very easy. Go to your browser and type your website’s name/wp-admin/ to login to your website WordPress admin panel. A window will open where you will have to enter your login details to access your admin panel. Fill in the login details, and you are all set to go.

WordPress Admin Panel Options


It is the first thing you see when you open your WordPress admin panel. News, activities Glane, all posts, comments, pages, and recent themes are all the things you see running on the dashboard. It also allows you to customize your site from where you can start customizing your website. You can also customize the whole dashboard the way you want.


Post is the new blog that one posts on its website. You can add categories, tags, pictures, and videos to your posts. WordPress also provides you with the option of a quick post from where you can immediately add a new post.


Media stores all your media files that are shown on your website. It also stores file such as images and videos that one attaches to posts and pages.


This section shows all the pages and their contents on your website. From here, you can add or delete any page of your choice.


Comments are the views that your viewers post on your website. Here you can see all the comments posted on your pages and posts.


This is the place where you design the look of your website. You add new themes and give your website a new look. You can even customize a theme to make your website look more creative and lively.


Plugins are beneficial if you need to add extra features to your website, such as sliders.


This is the number of people that can access your website. You and add or delete or restrict or change the names and passwords of any users whenever you wish to.

What is the WordPress toolbar?

WordPress toolbar is the new term used for the admin panel. It is the first thing you see after you log in to your WordPress account.


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