Unenrolling Devices in AirWatch

Devices unenrolled in AirWatch lose enterprise privileges and cannot access the company network and resources anymore. Users on a break can also unenroll their devices from management.


AirWatch is an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that allows the Admin to centrally and remotely (Unified Endpoint Management) deploy and manage security policies and applications (Mobile Application Management) and provides a certain degree of control over device functions (Mobile Device Management). The enrolled devices enjoy the privilege of accessing the enterprise apps and databases with a single touch sign-on.

Sometimes the user devices are lost or stolen. In some cases, an employee might switch the company. In such situations, the admin can remotely unenroll the device. The device loses its privileges to access the enterprise networks, databases, and applications. Admin can also remotely perform a complete wipe of the enterprise data. For employees who are no longer part of the company, these users can be unenrolled from the platform immediately instead of waiting for them to return the device. A data wipe ensures further security that no enterprise data is left on the device. Users can also remove themselves from enrollment if they are on a break.

How do I unenroll from AirWatch?

  • Click on the Settings app.
  • Navigate to general from the left pane, scroll down to “Device Management” in the main pane.
  • Select “Workspace Services”.
  • Select “Remove Management”.
  • Click on “Remove”.


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