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Utility and value engross customers or users to continue using the same product/service(e.g., application). User onboarding plays an important part in striking interest amongst the consumer group. User onboarding is a concept that could mean different things at different times. This forms a cloud of confusion around this term because, to some employees, onboarding is simply introducing the particular product to new users. They think that the onboarding is like giving a quick product tour like in mobile phone stores. So what it is exactly?

What is User Onboarding process?

User onboarding allows new customers to get adapted and find utility in a particular service, tool, application. This process is a form of walkthrough for new customers and includes an introduction, training, and becoming accustomed. User onboarding is mainly used for SaaS products as it is often not very easy to understand and interpret by someone who has very little knowledge of using SaaS products.

How to carry out User onboarding?

User onboarding is divided into stages for customers to entirely onboard them with the product.

Preview users to first-time users: This stage begins with attracting new users to the product through marketing methods. It needs to be carried out at the right place and time with the right content that catches the potential customer’s eye, which strikes an interest in them. Focusing on the marketing campaign’s content is crucial as that’s the first impression of your product or service, which creates a value proposition in the customer’s eyes. If they are convinced that the product must be beneficial for them, they will show more attentiveness.

First-time users to committed users: you are only going to convince new users to try your product when you can convince them that this solves one of their problems in their office or personal life. Now that you have attracted potential users, you must make changes to your content. For instance, go in-depth about the nitty-gritty about the product to give them that ‘lightbulb moment.’ This can be done through direct communication or even in-app texts if the users download the application.

Becoming a well-versed user: Now that your customer base is quite familiar with your product, you must make them loyal. This can be done by introducing new content. For instance, features, additional services, or benefits like creating a group of like-minded customers who can discuss and spend more time around your product creates a sense of attachment and converts the users into long-term customers.

Where User Onboarding happens?

User onboarding is very common amongst marketing campaigns. Many businesses that sell SaaS products employ such tactics to build a large customer base. Gaming companies such as Mojang, Tencent use user onboarding. Moreover,  companies like Microsoft and VMware introduced such tactics to increase popularity for their virtual machines.


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