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User termination and role changing is a regular task for the IT employees at an organization. The addition or promotion of employees would require the creation of accounts and user authentication. Similarly, the administration must make sure it deletes or removes accounts when they are not used anymore when the employee/associate is no longer working with that enterprise. This pretty much sums up what user termination and role changes stand for. However, we will now discuss these concepts in detail.

How are User Termination and Role Changes Carried Out?

One thing is that IT administrators would not know which accounts to delete, add or modify without assistance from the human resource as they handle the promotion and removal of employees. Therefore:

  1. The HR gets in touch with the IT department or sends in a message.
  2. At first, they trace the particular account that needs to be managed.
  3. They need to decide if the user needs to be terminated or their role needs to be changed. Their degree of access to resources needs to be determined.
  4. If:
  • The user needs to be terminated, the IT burns all user credentials, including and password and username, which is a simple task.
  • The user needs to have greater/lower access; the IT admin must perform these actions per HR to ensure everybody is allocated adequate access. Role changes can also be done through automatic role provisioning, which reduces administrator workload in role repositioning. This system automatically provides roles to employees or associates when they complete an assignment or a given task done by role-mapping (provisioning of tasks and assignments needed for upgrade in roles). However, if one fails to fulfill the requirements, he will be degraded in terms of the role provided, known as role deprovisioning.


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