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As the theme forms the core base of your website, it needs to be made in a well-organised and structured manner that provides a high-quality user experience. Generally, we find a mix of web developers who are a part of the WordPress community, some who are skillfully honed in building websites and others who implement third-party theme builders for their websites. A point to remember is that using a theme builder is not a negative thing, in fact, theme builders often provide you with a lean and clean theme model which will not only fulfil requirements concerning function and accessibility but will also appeal to the user’s eyes. Today, we will be learning how one can use a third-party theme builder, which you can find on the world wide web.

How to use a theme builder

1. Choose a theme builder

Thanks to the internet, anyone can shortlist various external theme builders available on the internet; we would like to suggest many

2. Read Guidelines of the Theme Builders

Before you start using any theme builder, it is important to learn all available options related to that theme. For the theme builder mentioned above, the guidelines are mentioned below:

3. Customise your theme using the tools available

Theme builders run along with the main WordPress system. Your choice of theme builder should have the attributes of fulfilling your requirements and special needs for specific features such as payment, map view etc. certain features can only be inserted in your theme CSS file if the theme builder has the provision to do so. A typical theme builder would have tools such as:

  • Slider
  • Image
  • Video
  • Headings
  • Blog
  • Page
  • Forms
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Social Media
  • Links
  • Padding & Margin
  • Text Editor



Building WordPress websites have been refurbished to be more user-friendly and easy to operate with support tools in today’s day and age. Without Website 3.0, third party developers have upgraded theme builders to integrate the ‘drag and drop mechanism for users as a feature. This means builders can now simply drag and drop features, templates, and particular additions from a defined list into their main theme template to add it to your parent theme. This has made website building easier than ever before and has attracted greater WordPress attention. Thus, try using a theme builder to form the theme for your brand new website on WordPress!


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