Virtual Reality Quiz

Welcome to our Virtual Reality quiz! Virtual Reality (VR) technology has the power to transport users to new worlds and experiences, creating immersive and interactive environments. Whether you’re a developer, designer, or just interested in the technology, this quiz will challenge your knowledge of VR concepts, technologies, and applications. With a mix of multiple choice and scenario-based questions, you’ll be tested on topics like VR hardware, software, development tools, and more. So, let’s get started and see how well you know Virtual Reality!


Virtual Reality Quiz

Test your knowledge of Virtual Reality (VR) concepts and technologies with our interactive VR quiz!

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How many types of VR are there?

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With higher refresh rates, user experience more

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________is a merging of the real world and virtual world to produce a new environment.

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How many fields of view (FOV) do we have between two eyes?

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The minimal Angle of Resolution (MAR) is measured in

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Auditory Feedback is a ______ part cycle that allows speech production and singing.

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What is used to combine high-resolution photographs for 3D objects?

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What is the full form of VAC?

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Which of the following is not the symptom of motion sickness?

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Peripheral vision occurs ______ the point of fixation.

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How many degrees the is track by Pose tracking?

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Which of the following is not the method of computer vision?

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Picons is also known as

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What is the meaning of avatar?

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Haptic technology mainly focuses on

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Which of the following are Haptic devices?

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Kinaesthetic communication is also known as

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Which of the following is not a type of VR?

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Which of the following is a web application API?

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Which is the earliest book that used the term ‘Virtual Reality’?

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Higher refresh rates require

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What is the minimum distance between two display pixels?

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360° camera is also known as

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___________ is a device used for maintaining orientation and angular velocity.

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Which two resolutions are used by Headset?

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What is the full form of HMD?

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What is the simulation in VR, and what does it require?

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The Judas Mandal is a book by _______, in which the term virtual reality was first coined.

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Is virtual reality’s effects or things exist in nature?

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Virtual Reality (VR) is a self-controlled environment.


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